Zombie Martinis

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How do you make a Zombie Martini? A pint of O positive blood, a dash of fresh grated brains and garnish with an eyeball of course.

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Fresh Ground Zombie Meat and brains available at your local supermarket might be just the thing for pet zombies or former relatives in the basement.

I created these images with idea of the horror book cover market which is well served by my Rights Managed licensing agency – Arcangel Images. My portfolio can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/aww2wzl

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Often its a fine line between fellow office workers and a garbage picking full blown zombie.  That guy who works in accounting and steal people’s lunches certainly could be mistaken for zombie if one didn’t know better.

The Zombie

A smooth, fruity cocktail originally served heated, the Zombie was concocted in the 1930s by Donn Beach, a restaurant owner in Hollywood. The cocktail’s ingredients were a heavily guarded secret.
However, according to the original recipe, published in drinks book Sippin’ Safari, the drink was made from three different kinds of rum, lime juice, falernum, Angostura bitters, Pernod, grenadine, and ‘Don’s Mix,’ a combination of cinnamon syrup and grapefruit juice.

The cocktail is so strong that Don The Beachcomber restaurants limit their customers to two Zombies apiece.

What makes this so alcoholic?
Three types of rum: 40 per cent ABV
Pernod: 40 per cent ABV
Angostura bitters: 44.7 per cent ABV

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The idea of Zombie children or babies is particularly disturbing don’t you think?  The combination of innocence with the surprise when they try to bite your leg and the need to dispatch something formerly so sweet before they infect you with the Zombie curse.  We are suppose to protect children and babies not fear them.   The idea of a little cute puppy or bunny rabbit zombie would similarly be horrific.