Winter Photography

Winter is a great time to get out and explore the beautiful landscape especially if you are lucky enough to live in an area that gets great snow falls. Of course it all depend on if you can actually get out of the house and if the wife takes the four wheel drive car.

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Fortunately I live within walking distance to two great old red New England barns as well as the picturesque Hanover Center with its majestic white classic New England church.

When we can get out and play in the snow we like to head to a beautiful forest property where the owners grow trees, cut firewood and maintain a incredible cross country ski trails on the site of an old girl scout camp.

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Or if we have more time we like to head up to Stowe, Vermont and ski on the Trapp Family (yes the same Von Trapp’s from “The Sound of Music”) ski trails. They have a great network of trails and a cool old log cabin on the way up the mountain that serves soups and sandwiches.

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Another neat building on the property is this old stone chapel in the woods. The story goes that Verner Von Trapp built the “Chapel in the Woods” on a hillside behind the family home, in thanksgiving for his safe return from wartime service.

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We also live near Dartmouth College which presents good opportunities for photographs.

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But as far as getting winter shots in the middle of a snow storm with the roads full of snow and the wind whipping around, its best to set out on foot which is why my neighbor’s barn is such a good subject.

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I avoid being on the roads when its snowing if I can but this shot was taken on Christmas Eve when we were heading back home from Stowe, Vermont. I just had to find a spot to pull over and take a picture of this scene with horses, a small red barn and of course a snow flurry.

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