What’s with those Airstream trailers?

The classic, iconic Airstream trailer shows up a lot in my work. Perhaps its the love of the open road, camping under the stars or just the idea of freedom to go where ever.

The unique, space aged and streamlined design not to mention the blinding reflection like a tin foil wrapped baked potato has always captured my attention.

In this piece I imagine the freedom afforded by the magical Airstream trailer as more than a snowbirds migration from the cold winters of the north to the warmth of Florida and the return in spring as a literal bird migration.

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Alice with her binoculars watches the spectacular of nature as the lighter than air trail trailers take flight in mass. Notice the screen door open to let in some fresh air as the long trip north continues.

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Moonrise Over Airstream pays homage to Ansel Adams famous photograph “Moonrise over Hernandez” – here the graveyard is replaced by an old classic Airstream which will hopefully be reborn through restoration.

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Early Historic Flight of the Airstream documents early attempts of Airstream flight. This image is one of the oldest known photographs of an Airstream in the sky above. As it skirts the watertower, the aluminum skinned airship does what no other travel trailer has done before – take flight.


Never seen before, unearthed image of a early flight of an aerodynamic Airstream travel trailer sailing over a water tower.

Imagine the world that could have been if it hadn’t been for that tragic flying camper accident of 1937.