What are “For Editorial Use Only” stock photographs?

Royalty Free Content: Summer Bobsledding, Lake Placid, NY | Stock Photo

Editorial Vs. Commercial Stock Photos

Some of the stock images that you will find here on Dogford Studios – Artist fresh stock photography, or on other stock image sites within the Symbiostock Network, will say “FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY” or something to that effect.  What does this mean?

Well, it simply means that there is not model release for the people in the image or the image contains trademarks on the products shown in the stock image.  As such the images can be perfectly find for editorial uses – in magazine or newspaper articles or on blogs but they can not be use for commercial purposes. Editorial Use Images are photos of recognizable people and places without model or property releases. These images are suitable to illustrate news articles, but are not cleared for commercial use.

Examples of Editorial Use image subjects are news events, sports events, concerts, street scenes, celebrities, etc.

These photos are normally taken in public places. These images can be legally used for editorial purposes such as news reporting, criticism or commentary on the subject of the image, and parody. You may not use these images for commercial, trade, promotional and advertising uses.

Here are some examples:

1119-minipic 979-minipic

These interior restaurant shots have all kinds of registered trademarks visible so they can be used to illustrate an article on dining out or something about food, restaurants or dining but can’t be used in an advertisement.

The photo of the summer bobsledders at the Olympic Sliding Center at Lake Placid, New York is editorial only for a couple of reasons.  1. No model release for the people in the image and 2. There is a copyrighted logo on the bobsled.