Westie Taking a Bath

One of my most popular photographs of all time is this one of my westie (White Highlands White Terrier) dog, Tiki getting ready to take a bath.

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This photograph of the cute little white dog looking mournfully of what is yet to come in an old antique copper bathtub has been featured in the book “The Quotable Westie” as well as have been featured in a Polish lifestyle magazine and on the cover of a south Flordia pet magazine called Pet Junction as well have having been purchase on greeting cards as well as fine art prints.

Tiki the Westie – Superstar!

Tiki the supermodel Westie might not look it in the photo, but he actually really likes baths in the sink. When wet his little face looks so much skinnier, almost rat like. After his bath he likes nothing more than running around like crazy and diving head first into a towel.

In the photograph of the little westie dog in the bathtub, he seems to be saying “oh no, not the bath” but in reality he is saying “Come on already, snap the picture and give me my treat”.

At this point Tiki the dog model is so well trained that he looks forward to his treats every time I get out the studio lights and he will sit in position for minutes. I can even leave the room to find some extra battery or another SD card and come back five minutes later and find him still in position.

Photography Prints

I can’t say that about other dog I’ve photographed. Usually I have to snap like crazy and hope I get the dog in the frame and in focus. But Tiki is the best model I’ve ever had.

You can see more of my dog photographs at: http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/dog

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The Quotable Westie