Vintage Sunflower Artwork For Sale

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I recently <a href=”″>sold this image of a v<strong>intage sunflower </strong>on Fine Art America.</a> It give me great pride, not only to have this image sell but in the time that was invested in its creation. You see we have a rather large garden in our side yard. Extensive flower gardens as well as vegetable gardens, mainly put in by the former owners of our house but maintained and improved upon by us. Weeding, digging, bark mulching, trimming, cutting, planting, watering, dividing and nourishing. It a lot of work but its cheaper (I think) than a gym membership.

Home-grown Sunflowers

So this sunflower shown in the above photograph was planted, watered and nurtured over the summer months until it grew to its optimal height of about 12 feet. A giant among the garden flowers for sure! The sunflower was then cut and brought into the studio where it was photographed and then worked on in post-processing until you see the results here. I think it came out much like an old master painting and is available not only for sale via Fine Art America but also via my portfolio with A<a href=”;rs=1&amp;pt=1&amp;_m=2&amp;_s=0&amp;_men=submenu_2_0&amp;_yp1=0&amp;usp=0&amp;_spe=0&amp;t=sr-loadersearch.html&amp;searchtext=sunflower&amp;_rve=1&amp;_sf0=&amp;_sf1=&amp;_sf2=&amp;_sf3=&amp;_sis=1&amp;si=61701B24860C4F5AB0CA0309720274&amp;xnfr=1323.14″>rc Angel Images</a> where it will hopefully one day find its self on the cover of a bestselling book.

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