Understanding Print On Demand Part Three – For Buyers

Buying art is easier than ever

Print on demand sites such as Fine Art America, Pixels, Society6 and Red Bubble have made purchasing art easier than ever. No longer do you need to live near a major city or travel to a local gallery to see great art.  You can easily purchase great art directly from the artists and the work is affordable since you are purchasing open prints rather than originals.  It makes it easy and cost effective to change your decor.

Art Prints

How Print On Demand Works for Buyers

Think of print on demand site like a warehouse of art.  In the sites database are hundreds of thousands of artists and millions of images in the artists portfolios.  Art of all shapes and sizes and styles from traditional to abstract from serious to humorous.

Photography Prints

You simply search through the artwork and then select an image you would like to purchase.  And then decide how you want it framed or printed.  You can get send to you rolled in a tube for framing locally or choose to have the work printed on canvas, wood, metal, paper, acrylic or on various products such as tote bags.

The artist receives part of the profit so your purchase goes towards supporting the livelihood of an artist.

Art Prints

Tips for buying art from Print On Demand or POD sites

  • Plan ahead. Keep in mind your order is custom printed.  Its not off the shelf so give it about a week to arrive.
  • Compare the guarantees.  Some sites have up to 30 days to return the work if you don’t like it.
  • Read the fine print. Before you order, be sure you are going to get what you think you are going to get.  For example – Does it come with a mat or just a white boarder?
  • Follow artists you like and ask them questions.