Turning Assault Weapons and Guns into Art

These artists have found a good use of killing machines – melting down guns and turning them into art.

A Mexican Artist Turns Assault Weapons Into Musical Instruments And Art

As guns from the U.S. pour across the border and fuel violence in Mexico, artist Pedro Reyes uses his work as a peaceful, cathartic form of protest.

Pedro Reyes creates second generation instruments from dismantled guns. With a team of musicians and new media studio, Cocolab, Reyes has made mechanized instruments from these one-time harmful weapons.

Turning Weapons Into Instruments | Pedro Reyes ‘Disarm’ from The Creators Project on Vimeo.

Pedro Reyes is a Mexican artist. He uses sculpture, architecture, video, performance and participation. His works aims to increase individual or collective agency in social, environmental or educational situations.

Artist Jonathan Ferrara is organizing the first “Guns in the Hands of Artists” exhibition in New Orleans.

More guns into art

Twenty years after Mozambique’s civil war, millions of illegal guns are still being taken off the streets in a creative, innovative program that gets artists to turn guns into art.

Man Turns Guns and Trash into Strange Musical Instruments – Ken Butler Documentary