Trescott Water Supply Lands Hanover New Hampshire

Trescott Water Supply Lands – Now Open for Recreation!

The vast lands feeding Hanover’s drinking water reservoirs comprise one of the largest undeveloped and ecologically significant tracts remaining in town. The land supports well-managed forests, prime wildlife habitat that has potential to be some of the best in New Hampshire, and excellent agricultural soils. It offers crucial connectivity for wildlife and recreation between Lord’s Hill, Oak Hill and the Appalachian Trail.

Hanover, New Hampshire, home of Dartmouth College, is supplied mainly with water from three reservoirs located in the hills above the town.  The protected land around the drinking water supplies are known as the Trescott Water Supply Lands and have been largely unavailable for public usage until very recently.  The land has been logged by the town over the years and hunting has been allowed to keep tabs on the deer populations but now the land has been opened for respectful usage for hiking, photography and leased (and picked up after) dog walking.

The Trescott Water Supply Land’s primary purpose is to:

  1. Provide clean, pure drinking water
  2. Conduct careful forestry for clean water; manage deer to promote a healthy native forest
  3. Respectful recreation that does not interfere with forest management or threaten the water supply.

The Trescott Water Supply Land’s are accessible from either the parking lot in Etna on Dogford road (its a bit of a mess from recent logging) or off of Trescott Rd. not too far from the Balch Hill, conservation lands.

There is a Trescott Water Supply Lands hiking guide and map available here –  I recommend staying on the main roads for two reasons – one its easy to get lost down one of the many logging roads that look like trails, and two – there are tons of ticks to collect if you start walking in the tall grass.  Be sure to stay on the paths and keep any dogs on a leash and pick up after your pet.  Respect the land now that it is open to the public!


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Did you know?

Dartmouth College is a private, Ivy League, research university in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States. Incorporated as the “Trustees of Dartmouth College”, it is one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution.

In 2010 the Town and College created the Trescott Water Company, a land management company with equal ownership of 1,165 acres by the Town of Hanover and Dartmouth College. The 178 acres within 250′ of the reservoirs and the water treatment infrastructure are owned by the Town. Previously, the Town held 47.2% of the Hanover Water Works and its land, and the College 52.8%.

The Hanover Conservancy is a private, non-profit organization focused on land conservation in Hanover NH. The Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation of land and water, and to deepening the appreciation of natural resources for the benefit of the Hanover community and beyond. We achieve our mission with programs in land conservation, active land stewardship, environmental education and support for conservation oriented public policies.

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