Tips for Getting a Blogger To Review Your Product

Getting bloggers to review your products can be a tremendous way to get publicity for your products.  Bloggers are often the experts that reader turn to for honest straight forward reviews.  Readers trust their favorite bloggers more than they trust press releases and ads, because they count on bloggers to be actual users of the products.

I know personally I’d be happy to review a product that pertains to my interests of photography, videography and travel.  Here are some tips for getting your product in the hands of the right blogger.

Do your homework.  Products sent to the wrong blogger is just a waste of time.  Research the top thought leaders in the market space your product competes.  If it’s a GoPro accessory or a camera back up travel hard drive, put it in the hands of someone who will use it.

Send marketing materials.  I know from my days of writing magazine articles that a well written, ready to go copy would most likely be picked up by a magazine.  Content providers need content and the more ready to publish the material are, the better.  Don’t make the reviewer have to track down information about the product.  Provide features and pricing information.

Be timely.  If you know a blogger is heading to Iceland in a few months, get your product to them in plenty of time for blogger to familiarize themselves with it before the trip.  Otherwise it might get left behind.

Pick influencers Carefully  Pick the bloggers who have active sites and seem engaged with their community on a regular basis.  Also don’t pick bloggers who are inundated with products.  You might have better luck with an emerging blogger than an established blogger who has too many products to review, yours will only end up on the bottom of the pile.