The Walking Dead

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I used to be a big fan of Survivor the television series. I love the various ins and outs of human survival mode and walking the leadership and group dynamics at play. Then they started bringing back the same characters and it got kind of silly so I moved on.

Another great survival show is Lost. I’m currently introducing my teenager now that we can watch repeats on Netflix. We had previously rewatched the other great J. J. Abrams show Fringe. Shows like Lost and Fringe are tailor made for binge watching.

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Now I’m hooked on The Walking Dead, at least when a season is released on Netflix. For all the gore, the core interest to me is the psychology and group dynamics. These shows explore leadership traits and skills better than any business school in my opinion.

The above photograph of a zombie barrel picking for scraps looking for human waste products was taken at a local county agricultural fair. He was part of the decoration for a Haunted House ride. No doubt a sucker is born every minute because I’m sure this zombie is scarier than anything on the ride. Well except for the safety record of the ride and the criminal record of the carny operating it.

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This tall fellow was spotted at a local county fair.

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This artwork is based on patents for a robot amusement park ride. Some creative buyers have purchase it on a throw pillow.

The invention herein disclosed relates to amusement rides.

General objects of the invention are to provide a robot or automation form of conveyance traveling with a walking gait simulating the movement of a human being.

Special objects of the invention are to provide a conveyance of this type which will be attractive from the unusual and sensational standpoint and which will be en tirely practical and safe for children and other riders.