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This is an older piece in my portfolio of over 4,500 fine art images but every once in a while someone finds it and buys a print or greeting card.

Its a classic motif of a bird’s nest signifying home although there is a twist.  If you look closely you’ll see its actually a sculpture made from heavy gauge wire and eggs made out of stone.

In reality it is more of a dragon’s nest then a bird’s nest.  Something right out of “A Game of Thrones”.

The Nest by Edward M. Fielding
The Nest by Edward M. Fielding

“God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.” – J. G. Holland

“The Nest” fine art photograph by Edward M. Fielding, is available as museum quality prints, framed artwork, metal, acrylic, wood and other substrate prints as well as greeting cards, tote bags, throw pillows and other products at:

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Real, natural bird’s nests often show up in my still life’s. I find them abandoned around my property. Tiny hummingbird nest’s made of pine needles to robin’s nests made from mud and grass. Robin’s in particular seem to make several nests during the nesting season. Often they’ll start one and then abandon it and start another. They seem to love building them under my deck every spring. The hummingbird nests usually are revealed in the fall after the apple tree leaves drop or they are found in the meadow clinging to a tall weed.

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Edward M. Fielding is a fine art photograph, teacher, artist, designer living in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont with his wife and son and westie dog “Tiki”. Fielding teaches creative programming and Lego robotics at the AVA Art Center in Lebanon, NH.