The Circus is in town!

Clowning Around
One circus is closing, a new one is opening.

Just as a new circus opens in Washington, D.C. including an oranged haired boss clown, its sad to see the closing of an American Institution – the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus.   For more than 100 years the circus provided an escape for people across the spectrum.  An exciting event of thrills and laughs.

PETA is claiming a victory of shutting down yet another treasure of our collective memories. But I don’t see putting the hundreds of entertainers – clowns, aerial artists, gymnastic, horseback riders, trainers, artist, musicians, wranglers, riggers, teamsters etc. out of work and disappointing the next generation by removing yet another source of live entertainment. It’s ok kids, you can watch old clips of the circus on your phones – it’s just like being there! Just imagine the smells, the taste of cracker jack, begging your parents for a flashy light and inflatable elephant. Better yet, have three phones going at the same time and flip your head back and forth as you try to take all of the action in at once among the three rings.

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“The circus is a place where horses, ponies and elephants are permitted to see men, women and children acting the fool.” – Ambrose Bierce

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“Clowns are the pegs on which the circus is hung.” – P. T. Barnum


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If PETA, the international terror group, had their way, all joy in life and culture would be squeezed out until a meager existance of playing checkers with  rocks by the light of a soybean candle is all that is left.

No lobster dinners, no fishing, no hunting, no shoes, no belts, no fishtank, no pets…good grief where does it end?

“The circus allows one to be logical and unreal at the same time. In the circus, all is possible: there can be a man with two heads or a character with a green face.” – Fernando Botero

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Taking young kids to the circus was kind of like, well…a three ring circus.  I recall going to the Ringling Bros. circus in Boston with my elementary school child.  We arrived just as the opening number was starting and it was a full blown, over the big top, sensory overload explosion of sight, sounds and smells.  Then there was the carnival barker or major league sports aspect of the hawkers selling all kinds of food and flashy souvenir trinkets. Every where you looked something was competing for your attention and your wallet.

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A less over the top experience was found at the Big Apple circus which comes our way every once in a while.  Big Apple is a more traditional, one ring circus with traditional acts and Grandma clown.  At bit less over the top and easier on the pocket book.  Maybe this size circus will have a future post Ringling Bros.  A more compact, easier to move, circus with few seats to fill and less mouths to feed.