It takes time to sell artwork

Selling Artwork Takes Time

“I don`t know if it`s just me being impatient but after a week since i started uploading some of my work I didn`t really sell anything”. – actual question posed to the FAA forum.

If there is any constant in the world of selling art it is that it takes time.  Time get established, time to build a following, time to be discovered, time for the buyer to think about their potential purpose, time to build up your portfolio.
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When I go to see a show at my local arts center, there might be a piece that catches my eye, but it usually not for a few days of thinking about it that I even come around to the idea of purchasing it, by then the show is usually over and a new show is being put up.  Buyers need time to learn and discover your work and what you have to offer.

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I see this in my own art sales.  Often its the photographs and artwork that I uploaded to my portfolio three years ago which ends up selling.  Rarely has anything sold that is less than three months old. Only once did I sell and image in less than a week.  I chalk that sale up to total luck.  Having something that catches the right person’s eye at the right moment.  Its hard to plan for moments like that.  The more reliable method of selling your art work is consistency.

“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.” – Frank Zappa

Consistently uploading quality work and promoting it over a long period of time.  It takes time to build up followers who will come back to your work time and again and perhaps finally make a purchase.  They might not be in a financial position to purchase your work today.  But that new job in a few years might make the difference.  Or they move into a new house, a new office or just finally figure out a great space in their home for your work.


Besides it takes time for new things on the Internet to get cataloged and indexed by the various web search engines or even shared via social media on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

It has been said that launching any new business takes at least three years to get off the ground and that most people throw in the towel before the first year is complete.  You have to be in this for the long run and believe in your work and put in the effort to get your work seen by buyers. It doesn’t haven overnight or within the first few months or maybe even the first few years.  But if you have great work, work that stands above the average, it will be eventually found.

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