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When it comes to dog photography, use your imagination to capture some new and different, fun dog photographs.

Here are some examples from the book “The Quotable Westie” by Edward M. Fielding

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Review of “The Quotable Westie” from a buyer:

“Who can’t resist dogs?! I thought this was such a cute book and the dog’s persona is quite intelligent. This makes for a great Christmas gift for a few people and I know they will love it.

I was actually laughing out loud at the adorable one’s wisdom and photos. How can you go wrong if you follow the advice of a cute dog like that, right? It seems we can’t get enough of our pets in costume and this book continues that adorable trend.”


Ed Fielding’s latest work, together with his beloved Westie, Tiki, is a thoughtful and well-constructed visual and intellectual delight for anyone who loves their dog and appreciates the gift of caring for a beloved pet. The quotes are superb and the humor spot-on for a book that all can enjoy again and again. It’s impossible to choose a favorite out of this collection – every photo is a study in dog and owner patience and reward. I must say that Tourist Dog is particularly funny!

More praise for “The Quotable Westie“:

this fun and funny volume will charm the dog lover in your life. get a copy, have a laugh – and then get another as a light-hearted gift for a friend!

Even more reviews of “The Quotable Westie

I’ve come to know Edward and his work through Fine Art America […]
and I’m here to say that if you want a chuckle, a belly laugh, or just something that makes your day better, you can’t go wrong with this book.

Ed has a complete sense of the ridiculous and his whimsical imagination is only geared to make one smile, be it his amazing dogs with their human characteristics (as in this book), to his travel trailer series.

I highly recommend this book if you just want something that will bring a great big smile to your face, and you’re in for a treat should you choose to visit Ed’s gallery at FAA. It’s well worth the trip.

Now if only he’d let us in on the secret of how he gets his dogs to cooperate……… guess that’s not going to happen though, so we’ll just have to settle for living vicariously through Edward’s fantastic art, and this wonderful book.

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