Remote Cabin in the Woods Quechee Vermont

Remote cabin in the woods

Vermont Fine Art Photography – Remote cabin in the woods, new fine art photography of Quechee and Woodstock Vermont region by Edward M. Fielding – prints available at:

Fine art prints are available as framed and matted, museum quality artwork, prints rolled in a tube for custom framing locally, canvas prints, metal, wood or acrylic prints as well as products such as tote bags and fleece blankets.

Edward M. Fielding is an award winning fine art photographer based in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. From his studio on Anderson Pond in Grantham, New Hampshire, Fielding produces fine art photograph and landscapes of Vermont, New Hampshire and beyond. See the entire portfolio of over 5,000 photographs and artwork at:

The “Upper Valley” along the Vermont/New Hampshire border is a collection of little-known small towns featuring the New England we all look for. You’ll find beauty, nature, soft adventure, art–and even what Forbes magazine called “the best gelato in America.”

An illustrated map of the “Upper Valley. Credit: Nate Padavick
An illustrated map of the “Upper Valley. Credit: Nate Padavick

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Hot Air Balloons Over Vermont

Hot Air Balloons over Vermont

Each June on Father’s Day weekend Quechee, Vermont (near Woodstock) hosts a three day hot air balloon festival and crafts show.  About 30 hot air balloons take off Friday, Saturday and Sunday early morning right after sunrise and in the evening before sunset when the winds are low and the light is beautiful.

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You can buy tickets for a hot air balloon ride or just taking in the sight of hot air balloons being filled with hot air and floating into the air, shop for some great local crafts or enjoy some food truck food and music in the beer tent.

Here are some videos of the hot air balloons being filled with hot air and lifting off into the air carrying their passengers.  It’s nice to be able to get up close to the balloons, just stay alert as sometimes the wind can pull the balloons across the field.  And of course don’t get in the way of the crews or ever step on the balloons when they are on the ground.


“The annual Quechee Hot Air Balloon, Craft & Music Festival, the longest running hot air balloon festival in New England. Don’t miss this exciting festival featuring up to 20 hot air balloons with five flights scheduled throughout the festival and additional tethered rides during the day. Enjoy continuous music and entertainment for all ages, and over 60 craft artisans and commercial vendors. Children’s activities Euro Bungee, a Rock Climbing wall, bounce house and more. And of course there will be festival food with local healthy options and a beer and wine garden, with more surprises on site!”


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The sky fills with colorful, quiet, giant orbs piloted with nothing more then hot air and the thermals.

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Riding the thermals the pilots can raise and lower the balloon to bring the balloon across the scenic landscape of Vermont and look for a landing spot for the champagne finish.

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Filling a hot air balloon with a fan and propane jets to create the hot air for lift.   The same technology used in the first hot air balloons invented in France – The hot air balloon is the first successful human-carrying flight technology. The first untethered manned hot air balloon flight was performed by Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes on November 21, 1783, in Paris, France, in a balloon created by the Montgolfier brothers.

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Old favorites return year after year as well as the occasional guest appearance and launch of new balloons.

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Each balloonist has their own distinct pattern and colors.

Photographing in the fog

Photographing in the fog

Photographing in the fog

Deep, thick fog is an exciting weather event to photograph.  Fog reduces contrast, mutes colors,  eliminates backgrounds and puts everything in a mysterious, atmospheric, even lighting.

Early Morning Tractor  in the Fog
Early Morning Tractor in the Fog

When we live on Mount Desert Island Maine next to Acadia National Park, fog was an almost daily fact of life.  You’d get reports from friends about one side of the island being fogged in while the other side was sunny.  Often people on summer vacation would travel along a road that is right next to Somes Sound or the ocean daily not even realizing that it had an incredible ocean view on sunny days.

Stormy foggy night off the coast of Maine
Stormy foggy night off the coast of Maine

Something like 68% of the days on Mount Desert Island are foggy at least part of the day which kind of wrecks havoc on vegetable gardens and solar panels.  It also created a rain forest type moisture which mosses and lichens love.

Here in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont we have some great foggy mornings, usually in the fall and along the valley floor especially the closer one gets to the Connecticut River.  Lebanon, NH seems to be particularly foggy as it sits low the valley.

Photographing in the fog
Photographing in the fog

For a photographer who is up early in the morning and prepared to get out and capture the wonderful foggy landscape, it’s a great time to be photographing.  The autumn leaves are turning and although the colors are much more muted than in bright sun, the effect of the fog and the colored leaves can be amazing.

Early foggy morning on the farm
Early foggy morning on the farm

Fog consists of visible cloud water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth’s surface. Fog can be considered a type of low-lying cloud and is heavily influenced by nearby bodies of water, topography, and wind conditions.

For the photographer, the further back one gets to the subject, the more it tends to disappear.  Lighting conditions are typically wonderfully diffused although the over all light level might be low and require wide open apertures or a tripod.  Be ready the night before to get out and capture the fog early in the morning before it “burns off” when

Apple Orchard In The Fog
Apple Orchard In The Fog

the sun comes up.

To see more great foggy photographs, check out the Fog Portfolio Here


Exploring the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire and Vermont

The Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont has a number of great attractions. Nothing earth shattering on their own, but add them up and they make a great array of interesting and fun natural areas and historic attractions from the many covered bridges including the longest one – the Cornish-Windsor bridge.

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In Hanover, New Hampshire you can find Dartmouth College and many fine restaurants and shops. Across the bridge there is Norwich with the Montshire Science Museum for the kids. Canoeing and Kayaking on the Connecticut River.

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Alpine skiing at the Dartmouth Skiway, Whaleback or Mount Sunapee. Nordic skiing in Hanover or at the Eastman Cross Country center in Grantham.

Over on the Vermont side there is Quechee for the Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival, the Quechee Gorge natural feature, VINS Bird Center, antique mall, distiller, mini-golf, camping. In Woodstock you’ll find the The Woodstock Inn, Billings Farm & Museum, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and a charming villiage of shops and restaurants. A bit down the road is the Long Trail Brewing company.

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South of Woodstock you’ll find the birthplace of Vermont – Windsor with a museum of industry (American Precision Museum), a craft village including cheese shops, distillery, Simon Pierce glass blowers and pottery with demonstrations and the Harpoon Brewery.

Across the river is Cornish, NH with the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site.

All over the region are great hiking, kayaking, biking and canoeing opportunities as well as just drinking in some great rural country side with apple picking at orchards, fresh dairy, cheese, scenery and more.

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Until the Cows Come Home – Classic Vermont Scene

Vermont Fine Art Photography

A classic rural Vermont scene, an old vintage car, rusting in a field with cows grazing in the pasture behind it.  Fine art Vermont photography by Edward M. Fielding.

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Available as prints, framed and matted museum quality ready to hang artwork, canvas, metal, wood or acrylic prints as well as on products.  See the entire collection of Vermont Fine Art Photography here – 

Did you know?

Montpelier, Vermont is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonalds. In ratio of cows to people,Vermont has the greatest number of dairy cows in the country. Montpelier, Is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S. Vermont’s largest employer isn’t Ben and Jerry’s, it’s IBM.

Recently Sold: Old Stone Chapel in the Snow

Framed print of an old stone chapel in the snow
  • Image Size: 21.375″ x 30.000″
  • Total Size: 25.625″ x 34.25″
  • Print Material: Watercolor Paper
  • Frame: SLW6 – Slimwoods – Black / Silver (SLW6)
  • Top Mat: Very White Rag
  • Finishing: 1/8″ Clear Acrylic – Foam Core Mounting
  • Shipping to a buyer from Tustin, CA.

Snowshoes are not typically listed as required photography equipment but there I was strapping contraptions of metal tubing, plastic webbing and ice gripping claws to my boots as I prepared to hike up to the old stone chapel in the woods.

Werner Von Trapp’s Chapel in the Woods was a work of gratitude. On a hillside behind the family home, von Trapp built a stone chapel in thanksgiving for his safe return from wartime service.

The hike up to the chapel especially during a calm, quiet winter with a blanket of snow muffling sounds is one of reflection and peace.  The only thing you hear is the occasional snowshoe knocking against each other and the smoosh of the snow under your feet as you break the trail through fresh fallen snow.

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Rustic stone chapel in the forest at Hiking in Stowe, Vermont at Trapp Family Lodge. There are over 60 kilometers of wooded hiking trails for all levels of ability. There is a short, peaceful hike to the Chapel, built by the Trapp family sons on their return home after World War II.  The family is well known from “The Sound of Music” and still owns the property where the original lodge was located.

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Werner von Trapp, also buried in the family cemetery, who built the small, stone chapel, as a gesture of thanksgiving to mark his safe return from the war. It is well worth the uphill trek to see it. Sam von Trapp married Elisa outside this chapel, as it can only fit about four people inside!

Feedback from collectors of these photographs of the stone chapel:

I love the simplicity of this work. The stone building, the white snow and the warmth of the Christmas wreath all say winter in New England. Beautiful.  – Karen Cook

Edward, this is a gorgeous image; I love the textures and the quaintness of the chapel! –  Elizabeth Tillar 

“This is a delight … wonderfully captured!” – Lois Bryan

Photography Prints

Scenes of New England

Scenes of New England

Scenes of New England is a new collection of watercolor technique art work created from fine art photographs by Edward M. Fielding.

Created from scenic vistas around the region, this collection of fine artworks explores the classic New England landscape and landmarks including old red barns in the snow, forests, ponds, covered bridges, old colonial houses and more.

New England is a northeastern region of the United States comprising the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It’s known for its Colonial past, Atlantic coastline, changing autumn foliage and forested mountains. Boston, Massachusetts, the region’s hub, pre-dates the American Revolution, and its Freedom Trail passes sites that were critical to the nation’s founding.

From photographic artist Edward M. Fielding:

What I love about the New England region is the variety of landscape one can fine within a few hours drive. Out in the west one can drive all day between one dramatic vista to the other but in New England, the next exciting view can be right around the corner.

We have the dramatic coastline from the craggy harbors of Rhode Island to the sandy beaches of Cape Cod to the rocky shores of Maine.  In land the Green and White Mountains beckon to be hiked and skiied.  Once you get off the highways, the region provides endless history to explore and village after village of old historic buildings with traditional family farms in between.

In particular the region I use as my home base, the Upper Valley, seems to have endless back roads to explore, always surprising me with an old hundred year old barn, a classic car in the driveway or a beautiful display of fall foliage.  Plus of course a  locally produced bottle of maple syrup or cheese made from the cows yonder in the field.

Gritty Old Truck Stowe Vermont

Farm Truck

This gritty old weathered farm truck is a subject dear to photographers looking for great black and white photography subjects to highlight the tonal range and drama of black and white photography.

I tend to forget that this type of subject matter is not readily available to most people. Sometimes I look at the street photography of photographers in New York City or Boston and think, gee I wish I had access to the city streets to take photographs of cool buildings and interesting characters found down dark alleys or in Time Square.

But the reality is that there are thousands of photographers working those urban areas – local photographers and tourists alike. Meanwhile its rare that I run into another photographer when I’m out and about on the back roads of New Hampshire and Vermont taking photographs of a way of life that fewer and few people can relate to – farming, working the land, fixing your own car, working the forest, working with animals, creating local specialty products like maple syrup.

We don’t have any skyscrapers or Naked Cowboys in rural New Hampshire and Vermont but we have a lot of old stuff.  Old houses, old barns, old junker cars, old tractors and old ways of doing things, like actually driving to the store rather than having a drone deliver milk to our front door.

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I found this old International Harvester farm truck on the side of the road at a maple sugar house in Stowe, Vermont.  This kind of relic from the past is saved in places where they don’t have a lot of money to waste and you never know when something can be re-purposed or fixed up.  This beautiful old truck with its chrome grill slightly out of sorts and its peeling, weathered paint makes for a fascinating black and white photographic study.

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A ten minute drive on the other side of Stowe, Vermont, I was face to face with a totally different type of farm essential.  A beautiful dairy cow calmly chewing her cud in the rain.

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Crossing the Connecticut River into New Hampshire I ran into one of the local product producers working the steaming sap and creating the sugary sweet state treasure – maple syrup.

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Further south in New Hampshire I came across this fine old tractor still working the hay fields in Etna, NH – as soon as that back tire gets fixes.

A yup, we don’t have skyscrapers in rural Vermont and New Hampshire but we do have interesting people and things going on if you look hard enough.

Norwich Vermont Like You’ve Never Seen It

Norwich Vermont Fine Art Photographs

Ok, maybe you’ve seen it this way but do most people actually see a town the way a photographer does?

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Across the Connecticut River from Hanover, New Hampshire and Dartmouth College is the small town of Norwich, Vermont which is one of the toniest, highest income towns in all of Vermont.

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It boasts a pretty village with town green, meeting hall, elementary school k-6 (and then the kids go over to Hanover for 7-12), the Norwich Inn, the restaurant Carpenter and Main, a few business offices, a few churches, historic homes and the famous Dan and Whit’s country store with two gas pumps.  If Dan and Whit’s don’t have it, you don’t need it.

Photography Prints

This graffiti found along the Amtrak train tracks that follow the Connecticut River and pass by Norwich, Vermont and the Montshire Science Museum seems totally out of place with the whole classic New England village vibe of this Upper Valley town but there it was, a surprise splash of urban street art quietly hidden among the old charm. Indeed Norwich offers a lot within a short walking distance.

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A couple of traditional New England Adirondack chairs on the banks on the Connectictut River in Norwich Vermont during peak fall foliage season. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding –

The Adirondack chair (also called a Muskoka chair in Canada) is a simple chair made of wood or man made materials, generally used outdoors. Originally made with 11 flat wooden boards, it features a straight back and seat and wide armrests. The advent of various man made materials have allowed for this style of chair to be made from polymers and other hard impact plastics.

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Norwich is a town in Windsor County, Vermont, in the United States. The population was 3,414 at the 2010 census. Home to some of the state of Vermont‘s wealthiest residents, the municipality is a commuter town for nearby Hanover, New Hampshire across the Connecticut River.