I’ve Sold 500+ Artworks and Photographs on Fine Art America!

Over 500 sales on Fine Art America!

Success on Fine Art America – I’ve been a member of Fine Art America and Pixels since 2011 and have 700+ followers and my work has been seen by 1,500,000+ visitors.

To date I’ve sold 500 of the 4,500+ images in my portfolio. Some have sold numerous times so the actual total number of sales is over 800. I keep track of the images that have sold in this gallery – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/collections/recently+sold+on+faa+pixels

Now are these my best work?  I don’t know,  I have my own favorites but these are the photographs and art images that my collectors have chosen to purchase as prints, framed art, phone cases, tote bags, throw pillows, metal prints, greeting cards etc.

I might pick different images to show at a gallery or put in a book….

Make your own photobook – https://share.picaboo.com/x/4CsqWA

…but as far as selling via my online gallery with Fine Art America and Pixels, these are the images the buyers have liked enough to spend money on.

Some of the images in my recently sold gallery have only sold once so far, other sell over and over. Some of my top sellers include the following images:

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Art Prints

Art Prints

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Now I’ll be the first one to tell you that selling artwork in a crowded marketplace is not easy. Sellers out number buyers by thousands to one. The odds are against you that you will be able to break through the pack, get noticed and find buyers for your work.

It took me about three years of uploading quality, intriguing, unique, niche focused artwork and marketing it on a consistent basis before I started to see steady sales. A few more years of building up my portfolio and brand to the point that I could say I make a living off of my photography and art.

Most people give up before they see any benefits. They end up blaming the system for their lack of success. But the true is that they didn’t put in the time and effort required to succeed in a market with more suppliers than buyers. You have to create stunning work and get people to see it among the millions of other people who are trying to do the same. Dreams are nice but actually hard work is what is required to make dreams come true.

About Fine Art America and Pixels

Fine Art America is privately held company that provides a market place for artists to sell their images.   Artists offer their images for sale, provide the mark up and Fine Art America and its sister site Pixels handles the sales transactions , printing and fulfillment.

Fine Art America started out as a popular artists forum in the early Internet days and then morphed into a marketplace over time.  Its  small company, mostly the brain child of computer engineer, Sean Broihier and a small support staff, but they manage to be the small business engine for thousands of artists and photographers.

There is currently two “flavors” of the Fine Art America POD marketplace.  One is the original Fine Art America that promotes fine art prints and original artwork.  The prints are handled by  Graphik Dimensions Ltd. of High Point NC who has been serving the artist community for over 50 years with printing and framing.

With these guys as the principal framing and print shop, FAA offers the most framing, printing and mounting options of any online POD outfit.  You can choose from thousands of framing options including metal, acrylic and new wood prints.

Pixels on the other hand is more of the gift shop to FAA’s gallery or museum experience.  In the Pixels store you will find an expanded collection of gift items like t-shirts, mugs and throw pillows.

Sample Artists Storefront


Fine Art America in the Press

Sean Broihier the owner of Fine Art America seems to have done a round of press back in 2012.  More recently he’s kept more tight lipped about the business maybe because of all the competition that has entered the POD market place over the last few years.

Here is some of the press on Fine Art America and Pixels from past articles.  Note that the sales figures certainly have increased from the 2012 numbers.

Doing $5 Million A Year With Three Employees: FineArtAmerica CEO Sean Broihier (Part 1)


Sramana: What is the business model behind FineArtAmerica?

Sean Broihier: The business model is to create a marketplace of buyers and sellers. We allow artist and photographers to upload their images to our site. We then offer them for sale as framed prints, stretched canvases, acrylic prints, greeting cards, and so on. We have a print-on-demand business model. Independent artists and photographers all over the world can open an account on our site and upload their images, and our software will determine what sizes and products we can sell based on the size of the image. The artist or photographer gets to name exactly how much they want to charge for each product or size of the print that is made available.

When a buyer comes along, he or she can pick the print and size. We allow buyers to choose additional features such as colored mats and frames. They can customize the entire picture via our website and place the order. FineArtAmerica takes care of the entire transaction for the artist. We print, frame, package, ship, collect payment, and send the profits to the artist.

How Fine Art America Built Its Business by Bootstrapping


So how does Broihier do it? Here are his five tips on how to bootstrap a business:

  1. Be lean. He started out by keeping the overhead low — working alone on nights and weekends. He generated a $500 profit his first month in business. In 2010, he hired his first employee, and in 2011 he added another — both of whom work remotely.
  2. Generate buzz. Fine Art America didn’t advertise until late 2010. Instead, it took advantage of word-of-mouth through its artists via email, Facebook, Twitter and more. Customers, it turns out, are your best lead generators.
  3. Outsource. Fine Art America builds great online software and outsources everything else. ADP handles payroll. Amazon manages its web servers. WebmasterChecks.com pays the artists. A company out of North Carolina handles its printing, framing, matting, packaging and shipping.
  4. Don’t follow the leaders. Small firms often compete against well-funded corporations with millions of investment capital that can afford to throw money at bad ideas. Don’t copycat all of their decisions.
  5. Resist taking on investors. Once you accept investment capital, you’re no longer the boss and you’re on a path to sell your business or go public. Unless you’re struggling with cash flow or preparing for an exit, accepting outside money makes no sense.


Testing Out Fine Art America’s Shopping Cart Widgets

Fine Art America and Pixels.com offers artists a number of tools to help them reach the public at large and offer their work for sale. The site allows the artist to display artwork and allows the buyer to purchase and configure the images on to a host of products including wall art and products such as tote bags, cell phone cases, throw pillows and t-shirts.

The wall art is available in thousands of configurations including canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints and a hundreds of custom framing and matting options as well as rolled in a tube for local framing.

The Shopping Car Widgets look like this on this blog:

Widget #1: Stand Alone Shopping Cart

Widget #2: 300 x 120

Widget #3: 600 x 120

Widget #4 – Mysteriously missing!

Widget #5: 300 x 250

Widget #6: 300 x 250

Widget #7-9 – Mysteriously missing!

Widget #10: 214 x 214

Recent Sales on Pixels

Recent Sales on Pixels by Edward M. Fielding

Recent sales on pixels include framed fine art prints as well as metal prints, shower curtains and even a t-shirt.  Each order of artwork going to various states in the United States as well as International sales.

Vintage Laundry Room
Vintage Laundry Room

Sold a 6.000″ x 8.000″ print of Original Patent For Santa On Skis Figure to a buyer from Bellefonte, PA.



recent sales Original Patent For Santa On Skis Figure
Original Patent For Santa On Skis Figure


Sold a 8.250″ x 10.000″ print of Portrait Of A Westie Dog to a buyer from El Paso, TX.

recent sales Portrait Of A Westie Dog
Portrait Of A Westie Dog

Sold a 7.250″ x 10.000″ print of Original Patent For Wright Flying Machine 1906 to a buyer from The Villages, FL.

Original Patent For Wright Flying Machine 1906
Original Patent For Wright Flying Machine 1906


Sold a Shower Curtain of Surfer’s Vintage Vw Samba Bus At The Beach to a buyer from New Smyrna Beach, FL.

 Surfer's Vintage Vw Samba Bus At The Beach
Surfer’s Vintage Vw Samba Bus At The Beach

Sold a 36.000″ x 21.875″ print of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii Black And White to a buyer from Santa Monica, CA.

Surfboard Fence Maui Hawaii
Surfboard Fence Maui Hawaii

Sold a 8.000″ x 3.000″ print of Life Is Short Buy The Beach House to a buyer from Lincoln, TX.

 Life Is Short Buy The Beach House
Life Is Short Buy The Beach House

Sold a greeting card of Chickens At The Barn to a buyer from Cordova, TN.

Chickens At The Barn
Chickens At The Barn

Sold a greeting card of 50th Birthday to a buyer from Great Neck, NY.


See more great photography and artwork for purchase as fine art prints and products at – www.edwardfielding.com

Recently sold: Surf Board Fence Maui

The Popular Surf Board Fence Photographs

My black and white fine art photograph and color images of a fence on the island of Maui, Hawaii constructed entirely of old discarded surfboards is becoming a popular print on Fine Art America and Pixels.com.

Surfboard Fence Maui Hawaii
Surfboard Fence Maui Hawaii

A  36.000″ x 21.875″ print of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii Black And White was recently sold to a buyer from Santa Monica, CA.  This is how they choose to frame it.

  • Image Size: 36.000″ x 21.875″
  • Total Size: 41.75″ x 27.625″
  • Print Material: Luster Photo Paper
  • Frame: CRQ13 – Black Wood (CRQ13)
  • Top Mat:  Raven Black
  • Finishing: 1/8″ Clear Acrylic – Foam Core Mounting

This print was also sold recently as a 16.00″ x 9.75″ print of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii Black and White going to a buyer from Phoenix, AZ.

A color version of surf board fence sold as a metal print.

Surf board fence Maui, Hawaii color version
Surf board fence Maui, Hawaii color version

This version was order as a 30.00″ x 18.13″ print of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii heading to a buyer from New City, NY.

Another buyer purchased a similar image as a cool throw pillow.

Surfboard Fence Maui Hawaii Throw Pillow
Surfboard Fence Maui Hawaii Throw Pillow

This Throw Pillow 16″ x 16″ of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii went to a buyer from Glen Allen, VA.  Maybe in a tropical themed room or outdoor space?

This buyer wanted it on a phone case.

Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii Phone Case
Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii Phone Case

Its an iPhone 6 Case of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii Black and White to a buyer from Ewa Beach, HI.

Here is another iPhone 6 Case of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii to a buyer from Novi, MI.

Maui, Hawaii Surf Board Fence phone case
Maui, Hawaii Surf Board Fence phone case

Another surf board phone case – this time  a iPhone 6 Case of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii to a buyer from Flower Mound, TX.

Surf Board Fence iPhone Case
Surf Board Fence iPhone Case

This version went as a a iPhone 5 Case of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii to a buyer from Newcastle Upon Tyne, – United Kingdom.

iPhone Case Surf Board Fence Black and White
iPhone Case Surf Board Fence Black and White

This print rolled in a tube was a 16.00″ x 11.63″ print of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii to a buyer from Perth, WA – Australia.


Black and white print of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii
Black and white print of Surf Board Fence Maui Hawaii

Other sales of Surf Board Fence:

Surf Board Fence Metal print
Surf Board Fence Metal print

See all of the Hawaii Photographs Here


About the Surf Board Fence on Maui Hawaii

Donald DJ Dettloff still can’t figure out how his quiet Haiku property on Kaupakalua Road has evolved into a quirky Maui landmark. Known simply as the surfboard fence, this towering structure made of hundreds of discarded surfboards has become a must-see attraction for residents and tourists seeking fun off the beaten path. Still, Donald admits it’s all a fluke.

I don’t even try, really. I just sit over here and people come and keep bringing their boards, he says, pointing out a stack of five boards that were donated in the past two weeks. I look at how big it is now and I just don’t know what happened.

It all started back in 1990 when the forecast of a hurricane prompted Donald to secure his surfboards by wiring them to his fence. Artistic inspiration ensued and he decided to add a few more boards to his humble collection nothing fancy, just discarded ones that he salvaged at the nearby junkyard.

Recent sales on Fine Art America Pixels

A review of recent sales from my portfolio on Fine Art America.  After a number of years shooting, marketing, promoting and creating, I’ve built up a diverse and sizable portfolio of work offered on Fine Art America and Pixels which sells frequently.  Here are some of the latest artwork that as sold as prints and products.  Thank you to my collectors!  Your purchases allow me to keep creating. It pays for gas in the tank, mileage on the car and for the hours I put in each week touring around the country as well as in the studio.

Recent Sales


Sell Art Online
Photography Prints


Photography Prints


Art Prints

Art Prints


Photography Prints

Photography Prints


Sell Art Online


Sell Art Online


Art Prints


How do I get sales on Print On Demand Sites (PODs) like Fine Art America, Pixels, RedBubble, Society6 etc?

Since I sell often on FAA, Fine Art America, Pixels and other sites like RedBubble and Society6 I’m often ask how to get sales.  Usually its by a new beginner photographer who has just uploaded 10 or so images in the last 24 hours and is waiting around “patiently” for sales to flow in.

Well, it has basically taken me 50 years to get to the point I’m at – selling prints and products at a comfortable rate.  Its taken me fifty years to build up my personal style and vision for my photography and artwork, plus five years or so of building up my name and brand recognition as well as my portfolio of over 4,000 diverse and intriguing artworks for sale in my portfolio.

Here are some tips but if you are looking for some quick and easy magic formula to selling artwork online, you will be disappointed.  One tip is to look at recent sales on these sites and determine if your work measures up to the quality of the artwork that has recently sold.

Step One:  Create a diverse, high quality, interesting, intriguing and large portfolio of images.

There are more art creators out there then buyers.  This a simple fact.  Offering your artwork for sale has never been easier in the history of selling artwork.  POD sites like Fine Art America has no barriers to entry.  No gatekeepers.  No curators or reviewers.  Anyone and their brother can offer their artwork and photographs for sale if their ego is big enough to believe that their work is suitable for sale.  The result is millions upon millions of images offered for sale from masterpieces to the totally clueless snapshots.

The only way for you as an artist to break through this ocean of artwork is to create outstanding work that will rise to the top.  Bad art will sink to the bottom of the ocean and never be purchased.  Good art and photography will float to the top.

Before bothering to send anyone to your virtual online store, its important to have fully stocked shelves.  It doesn’t take long for new hopeful sellers to realize that they are not going to reap many benefits with a handful of images.  It takes just as much marketing and promotional effort to get eyeballs to visit a portfolio of 10 images as it does to get them to a portfolios of hundreds of images.  Each image has the potential to bring in more people.

Now this doesn’t mean throw up a bunch of crap in your portfolio and see what sticks.  Potential buyers want to see consistent quality through out a portfolio to judge weather or not you just happened to have a lucky shot and then a bunch of junk.  The sign of a good artist is the depth of their portfolio.  Good artwork throughout.

Work on your art first.  Worry about selling later.  Like I said before, it took my 50 years to get to the point I am at now with my artwork.  The stuff I did in my twenties and before I don’t even bother showing.

Step Two: Get potential buyers to see your work

The second part of selling artwork is getting eyeballs to your large portfolio of quality work.  You do this by creating context around your artwork.  Discuss your artwork, blog about your artwork, describe your artwork, keyword your artwork, shoot videos about your artwork, spread the news of your artwork via social media, talk to people on the street about your artwork, send out press releases about your artwork etc.

Any and every way to spread the news about your artwork.  All of this takes time and it about building up context around your artwork.  Google and the other search engines can describe your artwork for you.  You have to provide words to associate with your artwork so that you potential art buyer base can find it.

If you can’t be found, you won’t be selling.

Step Three:  Sales bring sales

The Catch 22 of selling artwork is that artwork that sells is promoted by the various print on demand sites.  You need sales to make sales.  Think about it, these POD sites are in business to sell artwork.  What better way is there to determine what might sell in the future than past sales.   Artwork that has sold in the past will be promoted in the top of the search and on the front pages of any POD such as Fine Art America, Pixels, Redbubble, Society6 and other POD sites.

In order to break through to the top, you will have to start at the bottom.  As a new seller in 2016, you will be at the back of the pack with other artists work years ahead of you.  If you are going to succeed you will have to do more than they are in terms of quality and marketing and promotion.  You will have to want it more than they do.  You will have to think smarter and promote better.  You will have to do what they do not.  So don’t just think that posting on social media is going to be your ticket to success.  Think outside of the box and come up with clever ways to break out of the pack and into the lead.

Recent sales is the best indication of what is trending and what the audience of a particular print on demand site is looking to purchase.  Recent sale pages should be the first step in our research to see if your work has the potential to sell.  Recent sales indicate which artists are popular and what type of artwork will make it to the recent sales page in the future.  Recent sales could be from artwork posted three years ago or three days ago, it just depend on how quickly it is found by the right audience.

You can view all of my recent sales on Fine Art America from this gallery.

red tractor art for sale

green tractor art for sale

Recent Sales on Fine Art America or Pixels.com

A list of the last 10 sales in May of artwork and products from Fine Art Photographer and visual artist Edward M. Fielding, sold through our fulfillment partner Fine Art America and Pixels. Click on the links below to see what was purchased or click on the images below to customize your own order. The most popular images in Fielding’s portfolio of over 4,000 photographs and images can be found here: http://pixels.com/profiles/edward-fielding.html?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=240882

Recent Sales On FAA and Pixels











Trending Images from artist Edward M. Fielding


Photography PrintsPhotography PrintsArt PrintsPhotography PrintsArt PrintsArt PrintsSell Art OnlinePhotography PrintsArt PrintsArt Prints

Fine Art America is home to 100,000+ of the world’s greatest living artists and photographers. Browse through our collection of 10,766,276 images – all of which can be purchased as framed prints, canvas prints, iphone cases, greeting cards, acrylic prints, metal prints, posters, and more. When you’re ready, we’ll deliver a museum-quality masterpiece right to your doorstep. Fine Art America is a combination of a social site for photographers and a print on demand site for connoisseurs of good art! There are millions of images from abstract painting through to photography and pricing that is similarly all over the place. Buyers can find a piece of art that they like by searching for keywords, and can then buy a simple print or greeting card, or choose various framing options from canvas wraps through to fully matted and framed pieces. A Professional Network for Visual Artists, Photographers, Art Collectors, and Gallery Owners
FineArtAmerica.com has revolutionized the way that artwork, home decor, and apparel are bought and sold around the world. With a few clicks, artists and photographers can upload their images to FineArtAmerica.com, set their prices, and instantly sell prints, throw pillows, greeting cards, iPhone cases, apparel, and more to a global audience of online buyers. Fine Art America fulfills each order on behalf of the artists – taking care of the printing, framing, matting, packaging, shipping, collecting payments from the buyers, and sending profits to the artists. Each print is manufactured at Fine Art America’s production facility and delivered “ready-to-hang” with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Print on Demand Newbies

‘I’ve been a member of FAA, Fine Art America for about six weeks and haven’t made one sale. Has anyone experienced this?”

The above is an actual question that popped up on the Fine Art America forum.  This kind of newbie question seems to pop up on a regular basis.  Somewhere out there is fantasy land there is a belief that if you post it, people will simply flock to it.  As if there is some kind of pent up demand for people’s vacation photographs.

And to boot, the person only had nine images uploaded!  Talk about a needle in the haystake!

I’ll admit, I’ve been there.  Way back when, maybe six years ago, I discovered microstock sites.  I had just gotten back into photography and was learning my way around thing new digital photography thing.  I discovered these sites where you could upload your photographs and designers would license them for a few bucks.  I read a couple of books about people who had been in microstock photography in the early days and how they uploaded a few photos and they were sold hundreds of times.
Sell Art Online
Well it didn’t take me long to discover that those days were long gone, the market had matured and the professionals rushed in and saturated the market.  You’d be lucky to sell a photo a few times if any.  Originally I thought I’d start seeing sales at around 40 images but it turned out to be closer to 400 images and I had a lot of learning to do about photography and what the market wanted.

But my learning curve was faster than some people.  I’ve seen people on Fine Art America come on the forums with things like “I put a bunch of photos on this site four years ago and then forgot about them.  I just remembered that I put them up and I haven’t sold any, what gives?”

On microstock sites at least there is a built buyer population.  And they are image hungry people – designers and bloggers who need lots of images to create ads, posters, packaging, magazine articles etc.  They subscribe and download hundreds of image a month.  Fine art sites on the other hand are regular people buying art for their home or office, they might buy one or two pieces of art every few years.

What to understand about selling art on print on demand or POD sites

I think people don’t understand a few things when they come on a POD site in 2017.

  1. These site have been around for 10 years or so, some artists are well established on them.
  2. Every day thousands of new images are uploaded every day.
  3. Art buyers need to feel an emotional connection to the work.  Its not enough just to snap and upload.
  4. Art buyers know quality when they see it.  They look at magazines, at billboards, at books etc.  They are not going to hang some crap on their wall.  It has to be professional quality.
  5. There are hundreds of options when it comes to buying art.  Buying online is only one of them and it might not be the most convenient way for a buyer to purchase art.  Or it might be their preferred method – either way they  have a lot of options.
  6. Every vacation site has been covered.  Just because you went on vacation to XYZ doesn’t mean there aren’t local photographers and artist who live in XYZ and are also trying to sell their art.
  7. When you come to a site in 2016, there are plenty of people ahead of you.  In order to carve out a piece of the pie for yourself, you will have to knock off someone else who frankly might not be marketing as much as you or doesn’t have word as good as yours.  But you will have to want it more than guy/gal ahead of you.

Its not impossible to sell your artwork on print on demand sites like Fine Art America but just don’t expect success to come overnight or without any effort.

Sell Art Online


How many images sell monthly on Fine Art America?

Photography Prints

Here is how I answered the following question recently:

Q. Approximately, how many artworks (originals and prints) sell on sites like Saatchiart.com and Fineartamerica.com per month?

The only number important to you and your work is how many pieces can you expect to sell per month. Unfortunately there are important variables which determine this including:

1. Quality of your work
2. Suitability of your work to the market attracted to the site
3. Number of works offered
4. Diversity of works offered.
5. How well you have sold on the site in the past.
6. How much marketing you do.
7. Your name recognition.
8. The size of your target market.
9. The appropriateness of your pricing.
10. Your Google ranking.
11. How long you’ve been working on marketing.
12. The volume of new pieces uploaded.

Results vary for each individual artist. Every artist is different and markets their work differently.
True right? I mean for myself, after four years of marketing and building up a portfolio of 4,000 quality, diverse images on Fine Art America, I typically sell a work every few days or even every day during the Christmas season but it varies greatly. Some artists on the site have never sold after being on the site for years. Others sell 10 or more artworks a day. Most only offer their work and don’t put in the time and effort it takes to market their work so they don’t sell. Others don’t market much but seem to sell easily. It all depends on the work, the market for that work and the promotional efforts of the sellers.

Art Prints

Art stimulates conversation, dialogue and interchange even between total strangers who might never otherwise say a single word to each other. It gives people permission to share thoughts, feelings, ideas and impressions that they might not ordinarily share.  Art personalizes and humanizes the places where we live and work. Art revives lifeless interiors– homes as well as businesses– and transforms them into unique, beautiful and engaging environments.