Father’s Day Suggestions: Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss Backyard Game

Corn Hole Bean Bag tossing games are a lot of fun and makes a great gift!

What to get that fine fellow of a dad for Father’s Day?  How about this premium gift idea?  A beautiful, deluxe, luxury version of the fun backyard bean bag toss game known as “corn hole”.

Deluxe corn hole game
Get this beautiful, portable, corn hole bean bag toss game for this summer’s fun events! Play on the beach or backyard.

Corn hole is a bit like horse shoes and a bit like skeetball or bowling.   Maybe a bit like ladder ball, bocce or other tossing games.  What makes corn hole better than horseshoes in my option is the ability for the bean bag to slide up the board and into the hole or to make a perfect “swish” shot.

You can knock off competitors like in bocce or block other people’s shots.  This version of the game features regulation sized four foot boards, folds for portability and features a stunningly beautiful playing surface with directional graphic pattern.

Viva Sol Bean Bag Toss Game

  • Premium All-Wood, Bean Bag Toss Boards – Regulation-Size (2’ x 4’)
  • Portable with Folding Legs, Nesting Boards, and Heavy-Duty Rope Handle
  • Thick Metal Legs Add Stability and Store Under the Board for Portability
  • All-Weather, Canvas Bean Bags (4 Blue, 4 Green) with Mesh Carrying Bag
  • Designed for Outdoor Use with Beautiful, Durable Walnut Finish

How to Play Bean Bag Toss

The rules of Corn Hole are simple and easy to learn.  Like all good backyard games, Corn Hole can be played with a beer in one hand.

Viva Sol Bean Bag Toss is played with 2 or 4 players divided into 2 teams – the blue and green team. The boards are set approximately 27 feet apart, and teams attempt to throw the bean bags onto the board for 1 point or into the hole for 3 points. Opposing teams take turns throwing their bean bags one at time at the target.

Teams can also play offensively by knocking the other teams’ bags off the board for fierce competition. Points from opposing teams cancel each other out, so only 1 team scores per round. The first team to reach 21 points wins. Viva Sol Bean Bag Toss is the perfect party game, and will be the centerpiece of any outdoor occasion, from backyard barbecues to tailgating.

Or Make Your Own Corn Hole Backyard Bean Toss Game 

As far as DIY projects go, none could be easier than making your own backyard version of corn hole bean toss.  Expect to pay about $45 for the materials.

Home Depot even offers pre cut maple boards specifically for making corn hole games for do it yourself projects.  You can find them online here –  http://www.homedepot.com/p/PureBond-1-2-in-x-2-ft-x-4-ft-Maple-Plywood-Corn-Hole-Board-Top-3554/207003929 and order the boards to be shipped free to your local Home Depot store for pick up in about a week.

Pre-drilled regulation sized maple corn hole boards for diy bean bag game projects are available from Home Depot.
Pre-drilled regulation sized maple corn hole boards for diy bean bag game projects are available from Home Depot.

PureBond 1/2 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. Maple Plywood Corn Hole Board Top

  • Pre-cut PureBond plywood panels with a 6 in. centered hole
  • Hardwood plywood strength, performance and durability
  • Build, customize, and enjoy your own cornhole boards
$15.70 /each
These boards will say you the time and cost of buying a six inch drill bit.  All you need to add is a simple frame and some feet.  Then paint, stain or decorate your custom corn hole set.
You can make your own bean bags or buy a set of pre-made bags.  I recommend these ones:

Corn Hole Saw – If you do want to drill your own corn holes, you can buy this six inch drill bit made for drilling corn holes for $23.

Recent Print Sales Jan. 2017

Recent Artwork Sales from EdwardFielding.com

Print sales – Here is what has been selling in the new year.

Vince Lombardi Football Framed Print
Vince Lombardi Football Framed Print

Five of these framed and matted Vince Lombardi quotes with a photograph of a vintage leather football were purchased for a coaches award dinner in Missouri.  Four smaller framed prints of the photograph with the Vince Lombardi quote were going to assistant coaches and a larger framed print with gold trim were being handed out to the head coach.

Gift idea for football coaches
Gift idea for football coaches

Vince Lombardi On Perfection


Airstream Pillow
Airstream Pillow

This “Home Sweet Home” throw pillow is going to an owner’s camper.

Home Sweet Home Vintage Airstream


Dirty Dog Laundry Soap
Dirty Dog Laundry Soap http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/dirty-dog-laundry-soap-edward-fielding.html

This small matted and framed artwork of “Dirty Dog Laundry Soap” will be displayed in the guest bathroom of a westie dog fan.

Dirty Dog Laundry Soap


Happy customer
Happy customer

This pug pillow made the day of a cute young animal lover.



The Nest by Edward M. Fielding
The Nest by Edward M. Fielding

“The Nest” is off to any office in New York City.  Framed and matted for a modern look.

The Nest


Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf Framed Print
Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf Framed Print

This old 45 vinyl records soon will be displayed in a music lovers apartment in Toronto.

Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf


Photography Prints

“Vintage Dancing Bears” was recently sold as a box of 10 greeting cards.

Photography Prints

This Darth Vader fan painting was sold with a customer selected yellow background as a greeting card.

Darth Vader Artwork
Darth Vader Artwork

Photography Prints

“The Old Green Chevy Pickup Truck” was purchases as a 5×7 inch greeting card print.

About the Artwork

All work comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it, simply return it. NOTE: The watermark DOES NOT appear on the final print. © Copyright Edward Fielding All Rights Reserved. Edward Fielding retains all rights to these images. It is illegal to copy, scan or duplicate from the website in any form.

Gifts for Football Coaches

As the football season winds down, its time to thing about a thoughtful gift for the coaches and perhaps a special award for boosters or those parents who were always around with the orange slices.

These images featuring my father’s old leather football from the 1950s and quotes from Vince Lombardi are popular as gifts for coaches and other special people related to the team and the season including the referees.

Gift idea for football coaches
Gift idea for football coaches

More Football Related Artwork for Coaches Gifts

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Sell Art Online

The original sense of the word “coach” is that of a horse-drawn carriage, deriving ultimately from the Hungarian city of Kocs where such vehicles were first made. Students at the University of Oxford in the early nineteenth-century used the slang word to refer to a private tutor who would drive a less able student through his examinations just like horse driving.

Britain took the lead in upgrading the status of sports in the 19th century. For sports to become professionalized, “coacher” had to become established. It gradually professionalized in the Victorian era and the role was well established by 1914. In the First World War, military units sought out the coaches to supervise physical conditioning and develop morale-building teams.

Someone Remembered – Christmas gift in the old truck

Sell Art Online

A red Christmas present sitting inside an old rusty truck. Quechee, Vermont. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding
Someone Remembered takes place in a field in Vermont where an old farm truck took its last breaths and died. Back in the day before we had modern conveniences such as transfer stations, recycling or even dumps. Old cars and farm machinery simply ended where their usefulness ended.

I’ve photographed this old truck in the past and it’s a favorite spot of mine. It’s in the database so to speak – a swirling folder of locations I keep in my head. Since working with book publishers these last few years creating book cover images, I’ve been working on introducing more and more storytelling in my images. Creating images that feel like a frame out of a movie or page out of a book rather than simple documentation of an object or scene.

Rather any simple documentation of a subject I want the image to create story-lines in the viewer’s head. Close up shots of this truck in the past suggested to me that maybe the truck was in an accident, maybe the driver was drunk and hit a tree or it was some tragic suicide. Maybe the truck is haunted?

Sold This Week

Recently Sold Artwork by Edward M. Fielding

A rundown of what’s been selling from the portfolio of Edward M. Fielding. The hottest prints and products sold this week.

Tote bag featuring Central Park New York
NYC Tote Bag – Central Park

Tote Bag – 18″ x 18″ of Central Park Vendor to a buyer from Crofton, MD.


Abstact Painting
Abstract Painting by Edward M. Fielding

22.500″ x 30.000″ print of Phantom Lik to a buyer from Des Peres, MO.  http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/phantom-lik-edward-fielding.html

  • Image Size: 22.500″ x 30.000″
  • Total Size: 28.25″ x 35.75″
  • Print Material: Luster Photo Paper
  • Frame: CRQ13 – Black Wood (CRQ13)
  • Top Mat: Arctic White
  • Finishing: 1/8″ Clear Acrylic – Foam Core Mounting
winning isn't everything
Winning isn’t everything

20.000″ x 30.000″ print of Vince Lombardi On Winning to a buyer from Minneapolis, MN. http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/vince-lombardi-on-winning-edward-fielding.html

  • Image Size: 20.000″ x 30.000″
  • Total Size: 25.75″ x 35.75″
  • Print Material: Luster Photo Paper
  • Frame: CRQ13 – Black Wood (CRQ13)
  • Top Mat: Arctic White
  • Finishing: 1/8″ Clear Acrylic – Foam Core Mounting
Vintage Walgreen Drugs Store Neon Sign
Vintage Walgreen Drugs Store Neon Sign

Vintage Walgreen Drugs Store Neon Sign – 5.250″ x 8.000″ print of Vintage Walgreen Drugs Store Neon Sign to a buyer from Boca Raton, FL http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/vintage-walgreen-drugs-store-neon-sign-edward-fielding.html

Stop and smell the roses
9.000″ x 12.000″ print of Stop And Smell The Flowers to a buyer from El Dorado, AR.

9.000″ x 12.000″ print of Stop And Smell The Flowers to a buyer from El Dorado, AR.  http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/stop-and-smell-the-flowers-edward-fielding.html

 Lou's Of Hanover New Hampshire to a buyer from Rosemount, MN.
Lou’s Of Hanover New Hampshire to a buyer from Rosemount, MN.

14.000″ x 10.500″ print of Lou’s Of Hanover New Hampshire to a buyer from Rosemount, MN. http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/lous-of-hanover-new-hampshire-edward-fielding.html

 Mugs Sold This Week

Pink Sassy Mug
Pink Sassy Mug

Coffee Mug – Small (11 oz.) of Sassy Tee to a buyer from London, – United Kingdom. http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/sassy-tee-edward-fielding.html

Coffee Mug - Small (11 oz.) of Peace Hippy Paint Hand Sign to a buyer from London, - United Kingdom.
Coffee Mug – Small (11 oz.) of Peace Hippy Paint Hand Sign to a buyer from London, – United Kingdom.

Peace Hippy – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/peace-hippy-paint-hand-sign-edward-fielding.html

8.000" x 7.375" print of This Is How I Roll Tee to a buyer from Lincoln, Lincs - United Kingdom.
8.000″ x 7.375″ print of This Is How I Roll Tee to a buyer from Lincoln, Lincs – United Kingdom.

This is how I roll vintage tractor print http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/this-is-how-i-roll-tee-edward-fielding.html

Sold on Society6 – https://society6.com/edwardmfielding

Sunrise on Hoth Art Print / SMALL 19″ x 13″
Pending 1
Historic Louisburg Square Beacon Hill Boston Art Print / LARGE 28″ x 2…
Pending 1
Take those old records off the shelf Carry-All Pouch / Small (6″ x 5″)
Pending 1
Triumph GT Pop Art Art Print / MINI 8″ x 8″
Pending 1
Caddy Fins Duvet Cover / Queen: 88″ x 88″
Pending 1
Old Ford Pickup Truck iPhone & iPod Case / iPhone 6 Plus / Tough Case
Pending 1
Alien Abduction Art Print / MINI 8″ x 10″
Pending 1
Model T Ford Framed Art Print / Vector White / MEDIUM (Gallery) 20″ x …
Pending 1
Old Ford Pickup Truck Framed Art Print / Vector Black / MEDIUM (Galler…
Pending 1
Vintage Sunflower Shower Curtain / 71″ by 74″
Pending 1
French Paris Writing Ink Nibs Notebook / 6″ x 8″ Lined
Pending 1
Take those old records off the shelf Carry-All Pouch / Small (6″ x 5″)
Pending 1
Silver Liquor Flask Stationery Cards / Set of 3 Folded Cards (5″ x 7″)
Pending 1
VW Bus Blue Throw Pillow / Indoor / Cover (20″ x 20″)
Pending 1


Fine Art Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Music Themed Artwork

The perfect gifts for music lovers are the ones that help them show off their love of music. These art prints and gifts items such as coffee mugs, tote bags and more available with these unique art photography designs are designed to do just that and are some of the best music gifts you can give.  Unique, different, not found in a national chain store, these gifts say that you care enough to seek out something a cut above.  Something as special as the person you are buying a gift for – fine artwork that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Music Lover Poster
“Music Lover” is a fine art photograph featuring a violin and a tulip embracing.

Available as fine art prints, framed and matted artwork, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints and more as well as on products such as mugs, tote bags and throw pillows, these music themed pieces and images make great gifts for the music teacher or music lover in your life.

See the entire collection at: http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/music

Old Vinyl Records
Old 45s is a still life fine art photograph by Edward M. Fielding featuring stacks of old vinyl records from the 1950s.
Where Words Fail Music Speaks
Where Words Fail Music Speaks – poster by Edward M. Fielding

Where words fail, music, speaks. Where words fail, music speaks. Hans Christian Anderson. An old antique piano. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding  – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/where-words-fail-music-speaks-edward-fielding.html

Life is a song love is the music
Life is a song love is the music by Edward M. Fielding

Life is a song love is the music by Edward M. Fielding


See the entire collection at: http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/music

More great music related fine art photography and graphic design can be found in my portfolio as well as 4,000 or so other fine art photographs, abstract paintings, and watercolors.

Many of the images featured here on Fine Art America are available for rights managed licensing for book covers and other projects from Arc Angel Images – http://tinyurl.com/aww2wzl

All work in this gallery is the original work of Edward M. Fielding. It is for sale, copyrighted to Edward M. Fielding and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.

Got wood? Wood prints are here

Prints on wood!

Wood Prints are a unique way to create stunning decor with the images in the Edward Fielding portfolio of over 4,500 images that can be ordered as wood prints.

Wood panel prints.
Artwork printed on wood.

Wood Prints – Just in time for Christmas, unique artwork printed on wood panels.

Our wood prints are made from 3/4″ thick maple wood and include D-clips, mounting hooks, and nails for mounting onto your wall (see below).

Wood print
Showing the back of the wood print and handing hardwear.
Wood print detail
Detail of a wood print showing how the grain of the wood comes through the print.

Why print on wood?

Photos printed on wood receive the same benefits as artwork, creating a beautiful and lasting commemoration of your artwork. To print a photo on wood is exactly what it sounds like – we take digital files and print them directly on sustainable plywood.

Wood photo prints differ from other methods like photo mounting and dye sublimation printing on wood in that it does not print the picture on paper first and then glue or heat transfer the picture to the wood surface. The picture is literally printed directly onto the wood surface, providing a richer, more vibrant result.

Grain is king with wood “canvas”

It’s all about the grain. One of the coolest features of wood photo printing is how the natural lines of the wood grain show through the lighter colors of an picture or photo. The primary reason for this is that no white ink is used in the printing process, so any white color is replaced with the natural color of the wood.

Each Print is Unique

Plywood is such a cool canvas for printing because every print is unique. Like a fingerprint, no two sheets of plywood have the same grain signature, so every print – regardless if the same picture is used – becomes a unique piece of art. The natural color of plywood also makes for a great frame.

Any image in the collection of over 4,500 images can be printed on wood. Of course paper, metal, acrylic, canvas and other surfaces are also available.
Art Prints

New Artwork featuring the old “Cabin in the Woods” now available

Art Prints

Cabin in the Woods Autumn

Cabin in the Woods – “Cabin in the Woods Autumn” is a new watercolor artwork from Edward M. Fielding based on an original photograph taken in Etna, New Hampshire, a rural part of Hanover, NH, home of Dartmouth College in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont.  “Cabin” features a rustic old building in Hanover Center surrounded by a forest of deciduous trees in peak fall splendor.

Prints of this artwork are available as prints rolled in a tube for local custom framing by the collector or on ready to hang canvas, metal prints or framed and matted.  This artwork of a old rustic cabin in the woods is also available on cell phone covers and other products such as tote bags.


Cabin in the woods
A canvas print of Cabin in the Woods is available in custom sizes to fit your decor.

Museum-quality canvas prints are available.  Each canvas print is hand-crafted at one of our global production facilities using premium cotton / poly canvases, pine stretcher bars, and archival inks.

Custom framing
Custom framing and matting is available with hundreds of combinations to choose from to make the work fit your decor.

We currently offer 230 frames and 100 mats which can be used to create museum-quality masterpieces from any print. Our interactive framing interface allows you to preview your prints in any of the thousands of frame and mats that we carry. You’re sure to find one that suits your taste and enhances the beauty of your print. All of our frames are assembled, packaged, and shipped by our expert framing staff and come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the quality of your print, frame, or mat for any reason, simply mail it back within 30 days of delivery, and you’ll receive a full refund of your purchase price.

See all of the watercolor effect artwork in this special gallery:  http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/collections/watercolor+artwork



For a limited time, save on this new artwork.  Use this coupon code on check out: NRRMDM

Tiki’s Maui Hawaii Adventure

Photographs from Maui Hawaii

A sneak peak at the collection of Maui Hawaii photographs in the Hawaii gallery of photographer Edward M. Fielding (www.edwardfielding.com).

Photography Prints

Photographs from Maui, Hawaii, introduced by the famous Tiki the Westie.  Tiki is all decked out for his tropical vacation to the sunny island beaches, mountains and waterfalls of Maui, Hawaii.

Tiki might seem familiar to you as the supermodel who appeared in the book “The Quotable Westie” available on Amazon.

More funny westie photographs –

The photographs of surf board fences, beautiful island beaches, life guard stations and more are available from the portfolio called “The Last Resort” by Edward M. Fielding.  You can order framed art, canvas prints, metal prints, cards and more here:


All orders come with an 30 day money back guarantee and are printed and framed to museum standards by a firm that has been doing business with artists for over 30 years.

The Maui Hawaii photographs complement the images of surfing and surfers that has been a theme in my work over the years from surfing breaks at Rye Beach in New Hampshire to the shores of California, to the waters off of Hawaii where I was born.

Choose your favorite surfing canvas prints, framed prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, duvet covers, t-shirts, and more from  available designs.  You can choose the style, background, mat, frame, and more to create one of a kind artwork that matches your home or office.

Search for “hawaii”, “maui”, “surfing”, “westies”, “dogs”, “Tiki”, “beach” or whatever you like.  With over 4,000 images in the collection you are sure to find something perfect for yourself or as a gift.