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An optional voting tool lets your community participate in artwork selection, making the TurningArt experience uniquely engaging.

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Art on the This Is Us Set

Another hit show with some great artwork is the set of the TV Show “This is Us”.

The Pearson family’s generational story unfolds in this emotional drama. In moments of love, joy, triumph and heartbreak, revelations emerge from parents Jack and Rebecca’s past, while triplets Kate, Randall and Kevin discover deeper meaning in their present day lives. Successful businessman and father Randall searches for information about his biological parents. Kate finds love and self-acceptance while battling obesity. Kevin pursues a more meaningful career, which brings some difficult choices.

Decorating the Sets for different Eras in the story

From an article in Architectural Digest:

The main challenge was dealing with the changes in eras. “There are period TV shows, like Mad Men, but they’re stable within their years. They pick a couple years, and that’s the context of the story,” he says. “Ours, so far, has gone from 1980 to present day.” Bouncing between time periods required quick thinking and a team that could find period-perfect props and locations. “The different locations have been challenging,” he say. “They have to support the story.” The lives of the characters and their emotional stories are always at the heart of the show’s design. “Scripts call for different tones,” he says. “Happy tones, sad tones, dark tones, light tones. That’s another element that we have to add into our ingredients, into our recipe.”

Randall’s living room features a large black and white fine art photograph of a tree.

Tree in This is Us living room set.
Large black and white fine art photograph of a tree in Randall’s living room.

Similar fine art photographs of tree’s can be found in the portfolio of Edward M. Fielding and can be ordered as prints or framed like the one in Randall’s living room on the This Is Us TV set. Canvas prints, wood prints, greeting cards, tote bags, and more are also available.

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Black and white tree photograph from This is Us
A large black and white photograph of a tree completes the room.

Beach Chairs in the waves

beach chairs

Two beach chairs on the beach at Florida’s Siesta Key in Sarasota in this fine art photograph by photographer Edward M. Fielding.    Available as canvas prints, metal print, rolled in a tube, framed and matted art print, acrylic prints, wood prints and more, this photograph of a couple of empty beach chairs in the waves at Siesta Key, Florida makes a perfect addition to the casual beach house decor.

Enjoying its reputation as one of America’s Best Beaches, Siesta Beach is made famous by its sugar-fine, quartz-white sand.

A short jaunt from the public beach is a village of outdoor dining, coffee shops and shopping.  Turtle Beach sits beyond the sea grapes on the Key’s southern end and is a popular site for launching kayaks.

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  • South Lido Park Beach – South Lido Park Beach’s amenities include shaded picnic areas, barbecue grills, children’s playground, volleyball, a canoe trail, nature trails, an observation tower and decks, restrooms, and free parking.

  • BROHARD BEACH PAW PARK AND VENICE FISHING PIER – Sarasota County’s Only Public Beach Where Dogs are Allowed

  • Coquina Beach is the longest stretch of beach on the southern end of Anna Maria Island on the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Siesta Beach is favorite among visitors and residents alike. It’s 99 percent pure quartz sand—perhaps the finest and whitest you’ll ever see earned Siesta Key’s, Siesta Beach a No. 1 rating on Dr. Beach’s annual list of America’s Best Beaches.

  • Venice Beach is a favorite beach spot for locals as well as divers who come for its coral reef which is located a quarter-mile off shore.

  • Located at the southernmost end of Siesta Key is Turtle Beach, which is much less crowded than Crescent Beach and Siesta Beach and features some of the tallest dunes in the area. Kayakers will enjoy exploring the nearby lagoon and natural wetlands.

  • Caspersen Beach stretches over 1½ miles and you can actually reach Manasota Key four miles away if you keep walking south.

  • Longboat Key’s access to its beaches is limited, but your reward is 10 miles of uninterrupted, uncrowded beach with wonderful Gulf of Mexico water and white sand.

  • Nokomis Beach Offers Some of the Best Surfing on Florida’s Gulf Coast! Nokomis Beach is Sarasota Counties oldest public beach and is well-liked by families and fishing enthusiasts.

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Farm To Table Artwork for your Restaurant or Market

Vintage Tractors Farm to Table decor

Farm to Table Decor – Farm to Table restaurants and markets need to look no further than this new collection of canvas prints from fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding for wholesome, farm fresh goodness.

Available as framed art, prints, canvas or even wood prints, the collection of tractor, food, farms, barn and more.


“It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.” -Lewis Grizzard

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A collection of books on how to decorate with photographs

Organizing your collection of artwork and fine art photographs takes planning and thought to acheive the style you are looking for – these books can help you arrange and display your photography collection.

Vintage Ford Tractor Square Framed Print
Vintage Ford Tractor Square Framed Print – Modern Farm House Style Decor – more at:

 Decorating With Pictures by Stephanie Hoppen

Inspires the reader to go beyond conventions when selecting and hanging pictures–to plunge in and create stylish rooms with character. Ms. Hoppen gives tips on how to get started, illustrates the many possibilities for displaying pictures, and addresses specific questions of hanging, mounting, and framing, providing practical and aesthetic guidance. A directory of sources and a glossary complete the book.

The Grid method of art display
Going for the Grid
When hanging a collage of themed photography, rely on the style standby of matte black picture frames. They don’t compete with the artwork and provide an elegant boundary. In this display, the repetition of black and white photography is what provides the excitement. The punctuation pop of the red lampshade doesn’t hurt, either.

At Home with Pictures: Arranging & Displaying Photos, Artwork & Collections by Paige Gilchrist

Pair pictures with the perfect mats, use inventive hanging techniques, try out different wall arrangements, and play with combinations of color. Uncertain of what to put up rather than how to do it? Then feast upon the innovative suggestions for creating themed displays, or assembling still lifes that blend pictures with everything from wooden sculptures to childhood memorabilia. Broaden your definition of a “picture” to include such fabulous things as antique game boards, painted china plates, or a key collection. With these ideas as a springboard, home-sweet-home will look more beautiful than ever.

Contemporary home office in black and white
Contemporary home office in black and white

How to Hang a Picture: And Other Essential Lessons for the Stylish Home  by Jay Sacher

Like tying a Windsor knot or brewing a perfect cup of coffee, knowing how to hang art on your wall is a hallmark of everyday style and nuts-and-bolts know-how. The where, what, and whys of hanging art are an overlooked, under-appreciated line of inquiry. Most of us simply wing it with a quick eyeball and a swing of the hammer. How hard can it be? we think. What can go wrong? The answer, of course, is plenty: crumbling plaster, ruined antique laths, mismatched art hung too-close together, or a poorly-mounted photograph warping in its frame. But beyond the technical mishaps, there is a more essential lesson to be learned: The skill and consideration with which you decorate your home makes an aesthetic statement about the world you inhabit-and more importantly, when it’s done right, it very clearly looks a whole lot better.

Slim and stylish, How to Hang a Picture: And Other Essential Lessons for a Stylish Home is a user-friendly guidebook that details everything you need to know about hanging, framing, decorating and displaying art. If Strunk & White’s Elements of Style was crossed with a no-nonsense how-to manual, you will have captured the tone and immediacy of How to Hang a Picture: simple rules and essential information presented with charm and intelligence.

Decorate With Black And White Photographs
Decorate With Black And White Photographs

The Complete Photo Guide to Framing and Displaying Artwork: 500 Full-Color How-to Photos by Vivian Carli Kistler

Step-by-step color photos for all areas of matting and framing; the information is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. This book includes top-notch instructions for archival framing—the correct methods and materials for preserving photos and artwork for posterity. The author also provides inspiration and helpful examples to show people how to display their artwork using basic design principles in a manner that is easily grasped. There are important techniques to follow for success—even the basic mechanics of hanging a picture.


Decorate With Black And White Photographs

Decorate With Black And White Photographs
Decorate With Black And White Photographs

Photography has only been around for 150 years or so but is seems like there is an age-old fascination with photographs, contemporary residences and semi-minimalist trends.  A wall of smartly framed black and white photographs can create a contemporary, modern look.   Adorning our walls with prints and photographs, especially if they are cohesive with the same monochromatic color scheme can take decorating with black and white photography to new  new heights thanks to improved cameras and the growing inclination to use neutral colors and muted tones.

Decorate with black and white photography
Decorate with black and white photography

Fine are photography from artists such has Edward M. Fielding  have never been easier to obtain and the size of prints possible from modern cameras allow for room dominating, sofa sized prints to be created.

In the past 35 mm prints started to look grainy in larger sizes and maxed out when they were enlarged to anything over an 11 x 14 but new digital prints look great in huge sizes on paper, canvas or metal prints.

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Black and white photography says smart, sophisticated, modern despite being around for the longest.  Color photography still seems to suggest family snapshot if its not displayed correctly while with black and white photography its easier to create a wall of images that look like they belong together.

Sleek an stylish black and white photography.
Sleek an stylish black and white photography.

With home owners and designers sticking to backdrops in warm earthen shades of cool muted tones, an image in color can often disturb the flowing form. Black and white photographs add uniqueness, depth, character and style to walls without upsetting the color scheme of the room.

Black and white images appear to be more timeless than color images.  Removing the color makes it more difficult to put an exact date on a photo. A lack of color in a photograph often accentuates the light and shadows.

Many fine art photographers prefer black and white images for their tendency to distance the subject matter from reality. Humans see the world in color, and a rendition of the world in monochrome makes us pause and look closely. Removing color from a picture helps the viewer to focus on a subject’s emotional state.

Decorate with color photography

A wall of black and white photography in matching frames can make a stunning wall display but with color photography it can be difficult to mix and match different images, unless they all have a similar theme and post processing look such as this faded vintage style farm themed photographs by fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding.

Photography PrintsSell Art OnlineSell Art OnlineArt Prints

With color photography a more likely success will be with a single large print taking up a good portion of a wall. Make the print a show piece of the room. Large prints make a great impact especially frame-less, floating on the wall as a canvas or metal print.

Matching your room colors to a landscape photograph
Matching your room colors to a landscape photograph

Metal prints in particular are very modern and have an amazing 3D quality if lit properly as the light enters the print and then is reflected back from the metalic backing. The results are very striking with highly saturated colors that pop. Metal prints are best when paired with a saturated type of image.

Amazing artwork for your home!
Amazing artwork for your home!

The colorful fall foliage watercolor by Edward M. Fielding shown above brings a needed splash of color to this other wise monochromatic decor of whites and off whites.  The whole room comes alive with this new focal point which creates a window to nature whether you are in the middle of a city or simply in a room that could use another window.

The easiest mistake to make is buying an image that is too small for the space.  Don’t be afraid to go big and go bold.  Few people ever say they should have purchased a smaller image.

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Fall foliage photography taken around New Hampshire, Vermont and New England by fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding and is available in all sizes from greeting card to sofa sized prints – framed, canvas, metal, wood and more available at

Farmhouse Revival

The American farmhouse represents integrity, ingenuity, self-reliance, and agricultural heritage. Today, the farmhouse is a rare survivor from another era that can be found sensitively reinterpreted by artists, carefully preserved by original owners, or functionally maintained by farm-to-table artisanal food producers. In more than 200 stunning images, Steve Gross and Sue Daley have painstakingly photographed 20 of the most beautifully preserved farmhouses in the northeast. Some are working farmhouses that have been passed down in families for generations; some have been made productive again by a whole new generation of organic farmers. Still others have been rescued from neglect and restored to their former splendor. Each house is accompanied by an overview of the farmhouse owner and how he or she maintains the property. Fans of the farm-to-table movement as well as historic architecture and preservation will find this an intriguing and beautiful read.

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Praise for Farmhouse Revival:

“Those interested in a homey, country style of decorating or in home restoration will be inspired.” —Library Journal

“Above all, the greatest joy is just looking at the beautiful time-worn places and appreciating the way those that came before led a happy and fulfilling life of simplicity and utility within their walls. For once you have read this book, you will realize that in many ways, it is the farmhouse that helps to restore us, and not the other way around.” —

“Buy the book Farmhouse Revival for the photos—for inspiration . . . the authors clearly know architecture and antiques.” —Dan’s Papers

“Perusing Farmhouse Revival is a marvelous experience . . . and is sure to make readers wonder what stories the farmhouses in their towns could tell.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer

Photography PrintsSell Art OnlinePhotography Prints

Getting that modern farmhouse style!

Old Red Vintage Tractors Prince Edward Island Framed Print
Old Farmhouse in Vermont
Old Farmhouse in Vermont by Edward M. Fielding with barnwood frame and off white mat – customize your print here –
10 elements of Farmhouse Style
10 elements of Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse style is hot right now! Livable, casual, friendly and with roots in the good soil, family and good home cooking, the look of the fresh modern farmhouse decor is here to stay. Born from the front porches and welcoming parlors of the classic old time farmhouses, which were actually on a farm, modern farmhouse looks can be had in large modern homes with the right elements.

The key is to bring in some detail, some rustic character and charm to our often cold, large white wall houses and apartments. A bit of history, a bit of worn surfaces and some key art elements calling back the good old days of simpler charms like a tall glass of iced tea on the front porch after a simmering hot day of chores on the back forty.

Vintage Ford Tractor Artwork by Edward M. Fielding
Vintage Ford Tractor Artwork by Edward M. Fielding – Shown as canvas print with black frame – customize yours at:
Farmhouse Living
Farmhouse Living – Rustic furnishings with plenty of hand-crafted and well worn elements as well as carefully curated pieces and artwork can bring charm and warm to the modern farmhouse style.


Modern Farm House Decor Dining Room
Modern Farm House Decor Dining Room – Artwork can be both smart and modern while at the same time echoing the past like in this piece by Edward M. Fielding –

Some modern farm house decor essentials:

  • planked wood floors
  • simple, sensible styling
  • glass front cabinets
  • aprons
  • barn beam anything
  • galvanized metals
  • wire baskets
  • grain sacks
  • wooden spoons
  • painted wood floors
  • open shelves
  • plate racks
  • large glass jars
  • artwork featuring barns, tractors, simple pleasures

Nothing says modern farmhouse style more than a black and white photograph of farm fresh eggs in a vintage wire egg gathering basket in a barnwood frame like this one.

Farm fresh eggs art print
Farm fresh eggs art print – more farm fresh images and photographs here –


Opening A Touch of Farmhouse Charm is like taking a breath of fresh, clean country air. With the turn of each page, Liz Fourez leads you on a tour through her family’s house, restored to its 1940s rustic farm style, and teaches you how to make each handmade decoration yourself. The projects require minimal effort, yet add instant charm to any room. With your blue jeans on and a few of the most basic supplies in hand, you’ll be on your way to your dream home in no time.

You’ll learn how to make a custom wood Family Name Sign for your living room, a Wooden Boot Tray on Casters for the entryway, a Ruffled Stool Slipcover for the kitchen and a Rustic Wooden Frame for the bedroom, plus decorations for the office, bathroom, kids’ bedroom and playroom. Farmhouse style is about cultivating a connection among family, home and nature; A Touch of Farmhouse Charm helps you bring the warmth and beauty of simpler times to your modern life naturally.

In the third installment of their successful farmhouse-style series, designer Terry John Woods and photographer Kindra Clineff profile farmhouses in the Northeast that blend traditional and modern elements in new and interesting ways. Fans of Woods’s previous books will be delighted with the breadth of farmhouses profiled and the variety of locales, from Vermont to Maine to New Hampshire. Known for celebrating imperfections, Woods designs with intention, and his homes are places filled with warmth, texture, and light. He takes an honest approach to his subject, offering simple but beautiful ideas that will transform the home. Pairing the clean lines and industrial feel of modern design with the rustic, hand-forged, and natural elements of more traditional design allows Woods to explore contrast and space in a way that has never been seen before.

Come along on the hunt to coveted country sources and the best secret antiquing spots, and learn how to create country farmhouse style in your city dwelling. Author Kim Leggett is the creator of City Farmhouse, an interior design business, pop-up antiquing fairs, and vintage store. She is also a legendary “picker” and favorite designer to celebrity clients (and country-style mavens) including Meg Ryan, Ralph Lauren, Sheryl Crow, and Philip Sweet and Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town. In City Farmhouse Style, Leggett offers great style advice, breaking down the design vocabulary that makes for fresh country style (no matter the setting).

The popularity of farmhouse style has designers, home­owners, and fans in search of inspiration to create this look in all its rural glory. City Farmhouse Style is the first design book of its kind to focus entirely on transforming urban interiors with unfussy, welcoming, country-style decor.

Black and white themed office work spaces

Get the Look: Monochromatic Style

Black furniture, grey walls and white matted black and white photographs makes for a stylish home office

Black and white themed office

Black and white themed office with smart, museum quality framed black and white artwork and photography.

Black can be dull and white can be boring, but the classic combination is a timeless duo that is fashionable, stylish and always chic. What better way to adorn your home office than with a bout of sophistication and class?

Contemporary home office in black and white
Contemporary home office in black and white – notice the handsomely framed and matted black and white photography.

TV set designers know that black and white photography says modern and sophistication.   You’ll see TV characters in hip urban apartments and homes adorned with classic black and white photography.  Black and white photography says smart and modern without distracting.

Contemporary home office in black and white
Contemporary home office in black and white with framed black and white photographs.

Framing with classic white mats and black frames gives a cohesive look to a wall of black and white photographs.  Either in collage arrangements or formal, organized groupings.  Frames can be spaced apart as above or tightly displayed.  It just depends on how many photographs you want to display and how much wall color you want to allow thought the arrangement.

Contemporary home office in black and white
Contemporary home office in black and white – Tightly space black and white photography collection smartly uses the space under the stairs, for a home office.

Suggested fine art photographs from the gallery of Edward M. Fielding:

Photography PrintsSell Art OnlineSell Art OnlineSell Art OnlinePhotography PrintsSell Art OnlinePhotography PrintsSell Art OnlinePhotography PrintsArt PrintsSell Art OnlineSell Art Online

More black and white photography –