My Photography Photo Book Via Picaboo

I created a nice portfolio photo book of my photographs using a company that is headquartered here in Hanover, NH. Picaboo also does the yearbook for Hanover High School. The first part of the video shows the office building downtown and then a flip through the book of some of my photographs.

Picaboo ( did a great job with the book and the turnaround was very fast! I opted for the flat lay pages which shows off full-page, double page spreads very nicely. It’s a 12 x 12 inch book so the result is some really nice and big pages. It will be very impressive to show potential collectors.

Make your own photo book –

The book is not intended for sale but as a portfolio if anyone wants to see some of my work. There is no real theme to the book, it covers a lot of subjects from some of my book cover concepts to landscapes to portraits. It gives a good over view of my style and capabilities as a photographer.

Photography Prints

Above: “Smartie” features supermodel “Tiki the Quotable Westie” decked out in a smart vest and nerd glasses sitting next to a pile of books.  Available as prints, framed artwork as well as on products such as greeting cards and phone cases.  Click on the photo for more information or visit my gallery of humorous dog portraits here –


Above filmed with a GoPro Hero5 Black – see my equipment list for more information on the camera equipment I use to shoot fine art photographs and create videos.
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My Camera Equipment

My Camera Gear

Vintage Camera
Vintage Camera

Here is what is in my camera kit. Like most of us, I have too much gear but this is what I consider my essential camera equipment:

Fine Art Photographer Edward M. Fielding
Fine Art Photographer Edward M. Fielding

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On occasion I will review products that pertain to photography, videography and art.   You can send products for consideration to:

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Unsolicited packages for review consideration can not be returned.  Include marketing materials.

We go to the gallery

We go to the gallery – an art world primer for young readers.

British artist and comedy writer Miriam Elia’s popular art world-skewering “We Go to the Gallery,” will be re-released in mass-market format.

We go to the gallery book
We go to the gallery book

Early readers in the USA enjoyed Sally, Dick and Jane in the Dick and Jane book. who were the main characters in popular basal readers written by William S. Gray and Zerna Sharp[ and published by Scott Foresman, that were used to teach children to read from the 1930s through to the 1970s in the United States.

Meanwhile in the UK, the Ladybird series kept early readers in England happy.  For art world fans with a sense of humor this new book parodies the modern art world in the style of these early readers.


“I want to play with the balloon, ” says John.

Koons Balloon Animals
Koons Balloon Animals explained to early readers.

This sweetly sharp art world satire parodies the beloved ’60s British Ladybird series of early learning pocket books, enabling children to “smoothly internalize all of the debilitating middle class self hatred” contained in contemporary artworks. “New words on every page will also help your child to identify core concepts, so that they may repeat them at dinner parties to impress educated guests…

John does not understand.

Page from We go to the gallery
Page from We go to the gallery

“The rubbish smells,” says Susan.

New Words: Rubbish, Smells, Western

This rubbish smells
“The rubbish smells.” says Susan.

Printed in bold colors and written in clear, simple English,” each book in this new series from Dung Beetle Learning “will drag families in to the darkest recesses of the collective unconscious, for their broader cultural benefit.”

The canvas is blank.


The canvas is blank.
The canvas is blank.
Why is there a penis in this painting?
Why is there a penis in this painting?
Good Lord, God is Dead.
Good Lord, God is Dead.


I could have painted that. But you didn't.
I could have painted that. But you didn’t.
Are you an artist?
Are you an artist?
Big vagina scares Peter
Big vagina scares Peter

Did you know?  “The first release of “We Go to the Gallery,” printed after a Kickstarter campaign by the author, yielded only 1,000 copies that were sold for around $30 each. But the book gained popularity quickly. Ms. Elia shared some of the pages on social media, and soon they went viral. Then, the first release copies became coveted, and some resold for around $1,400. Ms. Elia knew then that she had to do a reprint.”

Understanding Print On Demand – Part One

PODs or Print On Demand is just one of the amazing technologies we enjoy in the Internet fueled economy.  POD can pertain to book or artwork is basically affordable custom manufacturing.  Products created only when the customer places an order.

Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which copies of a book (or other document) are not printed until an order has been received, allowing books to be printed singly, or in small quantities. While build to order has been an established business model in many other industries, “print on demand” developed only after digital printing began, because it was not economical to print single copies using traditional printing technology such as letterpress and offset printing.

Before digital printing it would have been prohibitively expensive to produce a one off product.  Imagine going to a letterpress shop and asking the printer for a quote to print a single business card or a single wedding invitation. It just wouldn’t happen.

Print On Demand for Authors

Vanity printers have been around for decades.  Printers who would print a number of books for a “self-published” author looking to market their own books or perhaps create books as a promotion or giveaway item.  These authors were interested in bypassing the traditional mass publishing companies and create products directly.  Often this meant living with box loads of books in the garage or storage unit for years.

Now print on demand publishers such as Lulu or Amazon’s CreateSpace can inexpensively inventory and print and ship a book on demand when a buyer wants a single copy.  And they can offer these books on vast merchandising sites such as Amazon.

This is the method I used to create and sell my books “the Quotable Westie” and “Pugs”.

the Quotable Westie –

the Quotable Westie - funny dog photographs.
the Quotable Westie – funny dog photographs.

Pugs –

Pugs by Edward M. Fielding - a funny look at lovable pug dogs.
Pugs by Edward M. Fielding – a funny look at lovable pug dogs.

The print quality is not what you’d expect from a high quality coffee table book printed in Italy.  But the print on demand digital printing method allows the author to offer a unique book at a very affordable price.  These little books make great gift items and the quality is acceptable.

For the buyer, POD books allows for more choices and undeserved niches on subjects and topics might never make it to the shelves of a national chain store book merchant.

How To Create POD books

Creating POD books can be a bit tricky but vendors such as Lulu and Createspace offer downloadable templates to use.  Straight text is the easiest way to create a book as their are no graphics to format but it is possible to layout a photo or graphic heavy book, page by page in Photoshop.  All of the information can be found on the various vendor websites.  Cover images can be licensed and cover designers offer their services online.  Don’t skimp on the cover as this is the main marketing vehicle for any book.

Coming Up – Part Two of Understanding Print On Demand

In Part Two of Understanding Print On Demand, we’ll discuss buying and selling art via Print On Demand sites for artists and collectors.

Ideas for better dog photos

Dog Photography Ideas

A few ideas to spark some creativity in your dog photography. A few years back when I was looking for willing subjects to model for me, my cute little rescue westie was constantly looking for some attention, so I figured why not use him as a model? He liked the attention as well as the treats and we started on a journey that eventually lead to the book “the Quotable Westie” which as become popular among dog lovers and as a gift item.

Dog Photo Books

Its just a little book but its full of great concepts and ideas the two of us explored. This series lead to photographing some of his friends. Eventually a second book of pug photos was released as well as an ever expanding collection of fine art photographs and other artwork on my Fine Art America portfolio. The black and white “Portrait of a Westie” even landed on the home page of Fine Art America for about six months and has been purchase as prints as well as on products such as cell phone cases and throw pillows via Fine Art America’s sister site –

This photograph of Tiki the Westie wrapped in a towel looking rather regal is one of my bestselling dog photographs in my portfolio.

dog Art Prints

Meanwhile this image of Tiki the Westie is probably the most widely seen since it ended up on a nationally distributed Halloween card.  You might spot it this season as it often makes a return to the card shelves this time of year.  Last time Halloween season I spotted it at Target.
dog Photography Prints

My dog Tiki loves to model. He sees the studio lights as a way to get treats. With other dogs its not so easy. Usually I try to clear the room of distractions so the dogs aren’t looking for their masters, use lots of treats and have a squeaky to handy for getting those priceless expressions.
dog Art Online

See more dog photographs at:

Little gift book of cute pug photographs
Pugs by Edward M. Fielding

Pugs book

Smoke or Fog Machine Photography Studio Fun

Sell Art Online


Using a Fog Machine to create atmospheric effects

After cleaning out the garage recently I came across a fog machine that I had stored way back among the Halloween party decorations.

I haven’t used it in year and also tossed it in the tag sale pile but then it hit me, why not use it in my photography studio for some atmospheric, book cover images?

Photography Prints


So I’ve been experimenting recently. The smoke machine or fog machine I have uses “fog juice” and a heating element to create a smoky fog that lifts into the air. Unlike dry ice which creates vapor that drops to the ground.

This fog machine is good for a small production or party use. Here are some of the answers to questions I had before I bought the machine. Hope this will help you:
1. The size of the machine is 8.5″ x 6″ x 6″
2. There is a bottle in the back where you pour the fog juice in
3. On the right side, there is a slot, so you can see the level of the liquid
4. On the left side, on top is the plug in for the remote control; below that is the fuse; and on the bottom is the power cable.
5. The power cable is 6′ long
6. The remote control has a 10′ long cable. On the remote control, there is a light on top with an on/off switch on the bottom.
7. According to the specs, the container in the fog machine can hold 1 pint of juice.
8. To create fog, fill the tank with juice, plug in the machine, in about 4 minutes the light on the remote control will light up, signaling the machine is hot enough to use. Press and hold the spring loaded on/off switch will release fog from the nozzle.
9. When the juice is heated up, you can release 40 seconds of fog before it need to reheat the element again, which takes about 3 minutes.
10. I have filled half the tank with juice, it lasted me for a good hour of use.


Get the best fog juice for your machine.  Some fog juice is designed to dissipate quickly to fill a stage area with clouds so lights and lasers can be seen better.  Other formula’s of fog juice are designed to say on the ground for spooky graveyard like effects.  These effects are typically better with more expensive fog machines that include a chilling element (ice bin) to create cold air to keep the fog low on the ground.

Keep in mind that when photographing fog or smoke say from a extinguished candle, incense burner or even cigar smoke or vapor from an e-cigarette, the lighting makes a big difference.

Flash strobes will freeze the smoke or fog while a long exposure will even it out.The following images were created with smoke from a incense and studio strobe lights.

Sell Art Online

The smoke and steam of this image was captured separately and then added in Photoshop.
Art Prints

The steamy, foggy atmosphere in this steam train images was a combination of cloud and fog images.
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Inspirations: Rodney Smith

RODNEY SMITH – Photography Inspiration

Rodney Smith (born December 24, 1947) is a New York based fashion and portrait photographer.

Smith primarily photographed with a 35mm Leica M4 before he transitioned to a 120mm (medium format) Hasselblad with a 80mm lens. He prefers natural light to illuminate his subjects, but occasionally will use continuous lighting. Smith shot predominantly in black and white, until 2002, when he first began to experiment with color film. His work is commonly referred to as classic, minimalistic, and whimsical. – Wikipedia

After graduating, Smith went though a long period of struggling to find both his vision and a way to earn a living. He supplemented prints sales by teaching, putting collections together for corporations and basically living the life of a starving artist. “I never really knew from one month to the next how I was going to live,” he recalls. His first break in corporate work came when a friend who owned an ad agency hired him to shoot a black and white ad campaign for Northrop – which was shortly followed by a plum annual report assignment from Heinz – an opportunity that helped transform a lifelong devotion into a prosperous career. –

The greatest test for a photograph is if the two-dimensional image imbedded in its fibers can stand the test of time. With Rodney Smith’s elegant aesthetic and compositional prowess applied to creative concepts, the paper itself may one day fade, but the memory of the imagery will not. –

Rodney Smith
“I’ve worried about photography. Many successful photographers these days are compositing their pictures. They’re putting together multiple pictures to make one. They’re becoming more like illustrators. Retouchers are becoming more important than the photographer. The photographer is becoming more of a technician than a visionary. Pretty soon the retoucher is going to want as much credit as the photographer. That’s okay. But it’s not the photography I know.” – Rodney Smith

My latest book cover license

I have a portfolio of photographs suitable for rights managed and royalty free licensing for the publishing industry for book covers and editorial usage via Arcangel Images.  You can see my portfolio at:

Or head over to Arcangel and type “Edward Fielding” into search to see the nearly 1,000 images in portfolio, all hand selected by the reviewers at Arcangel.

From time to time my work ends up on book covers around the world.  My most recent book cover was for Canción de cuna de Auschwitz by Mario Escobar – SPAIN

Canción de cuna de Auschwitz by Mario Escobar - SPAIN
Canción de cuna de Auschwitz by Mario Escobar – SPAIN


The baby stroller in snow image is mine.  The cover designer added the teddy bear and concentration camp in the background.

This image is also available for purchase as fine art in the form of canvas or framed and matted wall art.

baby stroller Art Prints

baby stroller Sell Art Online

baby stroller Art Prints

baby stroller Art Online

Entre los papeles encontrados el doctor nazi Joseph Mengele hay un diario escrito en cuadernos infantiles de una mujer llamada Helene Hanneman. Se trata de una enfermera alemana casada con un hombre gitano, deportada en la primavera de 1943 al Campo Gitano de Birkenau Auschwitz II. Sector BII e. En el diario Helene describe los dieciséis meses de su estancia en el Campo de Exterminio.

Mario Escobar Golderos (Madrid, Spain) has a degree in History, with an advanced studies degree in Modern History. Numerous books have been written and Articles about the Inquisition, the Protestant Reformation, and religious sects. I is the executive director of an NGO and directs the magazine New story for discussion, in Addition to being a Contributing columnist in various publications. Passionate about history and Its mysteries, Escobar has delved into the depths of church history, the different sectarian groups struggled That Have therein, and the discovery and colonization of the Americas. I specializes in the lives of unorthodox Spaniards and Americans.



Take better photographs of your dog

When it comes to dog photography, use your imagination to capture some new and different, fun dog photographs.

Here are some examples from the book “The Quotable Westie” by Edward M. Fielding

Photography Prints

Art Prints

Photography Prints

Art Prints

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online

Review of “The Quotable Westie” from a buyer:

“Who can’t resist dogs?! I thought this was such a cute book and the dog’s persona is quite intelligent. This makes for a great Christmas gift for a few people and I know they will love it.

I was actually laughing out loud at the adorable one’s wisdom and photos. How can you go wrong if you follow the advice of a cute dog like that, right? It seems we can’t get enough of our pets in costume and this book continues that adorable trend.”


Ed Fielding’s latest work, together with his beloved Westie, Tiki, is a thoughtful and well-constructed visual and intellectual delight for anyone who loves their dog and appreciates the gift of caring for a beloved pet. The quotes are superb and the humor spot-on for a book that all can enjoy again and again. It’s impossible to choose a favorite out of this collection – every photo is a study in dog and owner patience and reward. I must say that Tourist Dog is particularly funny!

More praise for “The Quotable Westie“:

this fun and funny volume will charm the dog lover in your life. get a copy, have a laugh – and then get another as a light-hearted gift for a friend!

Even more reviews of “The Quotable Westie

I’ve come to know Edward and his work through Fine Art America […]
and I’m here to say that if you want a chuckle, a belly laugh, or just something that makes your day better, you can’t go wrong with this book.

Ed has a complete sense of the ridiculous and his whimsical imagination is only geared to make one smile, be it his amazing dogs with their human characteristics (as in this book), to his travel trailer series.

I highly recommend this book if you just want something that will bring a great big smile to your face, and you’re in for a treat should you choose to visit Ed’s gallery at FAA. It’s well worth the trip.

Now if only he’d let us in on the secret of how he gets his dogs to cooperate……… guess that’s not going to happen though, so we’ll just have to settle for living vicariously through Edward’s fantastic art, and this wonderful book.

Sell Art Online

Tips for Dog Photography