New Designs

These new designs were originally inspired by our new clothing offerings including t-shirts and sweatshirts but they also work great as shower curtains, tote bags, canvases and wall art.  Some work as duvets while others are too small to effectively work on the bed spreads.

They all have been designed so you can change the backgrounds.  This includes picking or customizing the t-shirt color, tote bag background color or even the art print background color.  Its fun and totally personalizable and unique so try it out!

See what these designs look like as matted prints or other wall art pieces or on products such as t-shirts, tote bags and even throw pillows.

Photography Prints

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Art Prints

Photography Prints

Art Prints

T-shirts, tote bags, shower curtains and wall art from independent artist Edward M. Fielding –

Shepard Fairey

Inspiring artists series: Shepard Fairey

Love these beautiful new prints from Shepard Fairey created with Pace Prints, NYC.

About the artist:

Shepard Fairey received his B.F.A. at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. While at R.I.S.D. he created the Andre the Giant has a Posse sticker that transformed into the OBEY GIANT art campaign with imagery that has changed the way people see art and the urban landscape. His work has evolved into an acclaimed body of art which includes the 2008 “Hope” portrait of Barack Obama which can be found in the Smithonian’s National Portrait gallery.

Since the beginning of his career in 1989 he has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, indoor and outdoor. His works are in the permanent collections of the MOMA, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Boston ICA, and many others.

For more information, visit

Products Available on Society6

One of the vendors I partner with to sell my artwork is Society6. Society6 offers a full line of products that are manufactured in house by the artists and craftsmen who are behind the company. Society6 was founded by Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall-Caste and Justin Wills.

The following is a sampling of some of the items you can purchase from Society6. Please note: If you want to purchase framed artwork of my work, I suggest visiting my Fine Art America page. Not only do I have more than 2,500 examples of my work on Fine Art America but they also offer a far wider range of artwork framing choices that the other vendors I partner with to sell my art and photography.

So Society6 – great range of products featuring the artwork of Edward M. Fielding, carefully made by the company, not outsourced.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to add some pizzazz to an interior or liven up an old couch.  Plus they make a great gift.

Here are some other products you can buy:

As well as phone cases and clothing items.

Here are some examples of what the products look like in the home.

Area Rug:

Hot Wheels Rug
Hot Wheels Rug by Edward M. Fielding

Shower curtain:

Old Record Shower Curtain
Old Records Shower Curtain by Edward M. Fielding

Tote Bags:



French Pens Tote Bag by Edward M. Fielding
French Pens Tote Bag by Edward M. Fielding

Throw pillows:

Throw Pillows
Unique designer throw pillows by Edward M. Fielding

Don’t become Human Spam

Human Spam is a concept introduced in the book “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon, which is the follow up to the bestseller “Steal Like An Artist”.

The concept of Human Spam is basically someone who puts out a lot of output but doesn’t consume any input.  Think of the writer who never reads or the photographer who never looks at other people’s artwork.

Human spam says “look at me, look at me” but doesn’t return the favor.

The chapter in the book reads “Shut Up and Listen” which is tried and true advice.  When you listen or see other peoples ideas, thoughts and work, it is something that you can absorb and learn.

The writing community is full of lame-o people who want to be published in journals even though they don’t read the magazines they want to be published in, ” says writer Dan Chaon.  “These people deserve rejections that they will undoubtedly receive , and no one should feel sorry for them when they cry about how they can’t get anyone to accept their stories.”

Human spam.

If you want people to go to your art opening, you need to go to theirs.  You need to support the scene not just take.   The experience of art is a two way street between artists, fans, other artists, the press, etc.  Its not “I’ll drop this amazing work for my fans to snatch up”.

To avoid becoming human spam you have to remain a fan and continue to be curious within the art world.


Austin Kleon, Show your work

Austin Kleon, Show your work from Confab Events on Vimeo.

Good work is all about process, yet we tend to only share the products of that process, and not the process itself. Learn how opening up and sharing your process brings you closer to your audience, adds value to your work, and makes you better at what you do.

Useful Articles for Artists

A compendium of articles about art and the art business for artists. A valuable resource of information for artists about the art business.

Art Prints

Photography Prints

6 Reasons to Love Pop Art

I’ve been creating a lot of pop art lately. My subjects range from TVs to classic VW buses. I’ve been exploring colorful and repeating themes. What has drawn me to pop art lately has been this long drawn out winter. Who doesn’t like a injection of bold colors and classic subjects that speak to fun and perhaps summer? Here are a few reasons that I personally like Pop Art. See if you agree”

1. Pop Art is fun. Lets face it, when you visit a museum, the pop art section is pure fun after looking at all of the carnage, rape, war, beheadings etc in the old masters section and the sorrowful commentary of modern society in the contemporary art section. The pop art displays are pure, unadulterated fun.

Art Prints
2. Pop Art is approachable. Taking clues from popular culture, pop art’s subjects are things the general public deals with every single day. From soup cans to superheros, Pop Art reflect what we like best about the world around us – food, entertainment, products, consumption.
Photography Prints
3. Pop Art has no hidden meanings to decipher. Sure complex artwork is intellectually challenging and fun when you have the inside scoop on the hidden meanings and symbolism behind the work but often one attends a modern art exhibit and leaves with the feeling the joke is on the ticket buyer. Pop Art eliminates by simply presenting itself honestly and openly. No hidden meanings except perhaps making a statement on our commercialized world. Pop Art simple states that art is part of the overall commercialism and isn’t somehow above it.
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4. Pop Art is affordable. Prints, silkscreens, books, products – pop art embraces mass production and modern reproduction methods as such there is more available at lower prices than that one of a kind oil painting. It fulfills its message that we live in a world of industrialize, mass produced products.
Art Prints
5. Pop Art is cheerful. Usually pop art deals with bold colors, fun subjects and wild design. Rather then put you in state of depression, pop art is typically an uplift experience that might just bring a smile to your face.
Art Prints
6. Pop Art has a sense of humor. Artist dealing with everyday objects and elevating them to something worth of hanging on a museum wall have to have a wicked sense of humor. And the nice thing is the public is invited in on the fun.

Photography Prints
What is Pop Art?

Pop art is now most associated with the work of New York artists of the early 1960s such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg, but artists who drew on popular imagery were part of an international phenomenon in various cities from the mid-1950s onwards. Following the popularity of the Abstract Expressionists, Pop’s reintroduction of identifiable imagery (drawn from mass media and popular culture) was a major shift for the direction of modernism. The subject matter became far from traditional “high art” themes of morality, mythology, and classic history; rather, Pop artists celebrated commonplace objects and people of everyday life, in this way seeking to elevate popular culture to the level of fine art. Perhaps owing to the incorporation of commercial images, Pop art has become one of the most recognizable styles of modern art.

“Pop is everything art hasn’t been for the last two decades. It’s basically a U-turn back to a representational visual communication, moving at a break-away speed…Pop is a re-enlistment in the world…It is the American Dream, optimistic, generous and naïve.”

Robert Indiana

How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Out

“Unlabel – Selling You Without Selling Out” by Marc Ecko is a great lesson on following your own path and getting past the gatekeepers – those who think they matter, the curators, gallery owners, teachers – to reach the goalkeepers the actual fans, users, buyers of your creative work.

The book follows Mark Ecko’s path from overweight nerdy grade school-er to owner of Ecko UnLtd a billion-dollar fashion and media empire. Along the way lessons and mistakes are make as a brand strives to maintain authenticity while growing from niche to mainstream.

Embrace pain, take risk and at all costs be yourself. You are a brand – it’d down to you to create something, authentic, and lasting.

It is the gatekeepers of the world who make it their business to label you like a product on a shelf but its the goalkeepers who matter – the consumers who can only be reached by peeling off the labels and unleashing the power of your personal brand.

Master Photographers: Andreas Feininger

Feininger was by training an architect who was unable to support himself in his profession and so began doing architectural photography.  By the end of the 30 minute interview and a visual sampling of his work one can see the obvious connections with engineering.  Feininger seems like a person who was very precise in his thinking and his work.  He is able to speak quite clearly and directly about his intention and motivation. He knew the science of photography and worked with his equipment to achieve specific results.  He even built his own cameras.

Hot Air Balloon Art

Hot air balloon in Vermont
Hot air balloon in Vermont
A colorful hot air balloon floats over the Quechee covered bridge near Woodstock, Vermont.

Edward Fielding sold a 15.50″ x 20.00″ print of Hot Air Balloon Woodstock Vermont to a buyer from Worcester, MA

Note: The watermark in the lower right does not appear in the final print.

A colorful hot air balloon floats over an old covered bridge in Quechee, Vermont.  Note – this is the old Quechee covered bridge before it was destroyed by the flooding waters of hurricane Irene and then replaced.
Landscape photography by Edward M. Fielding

hot air balloon Art Prints


The Quechee Bridge is a one span 70 foot long steel stringer bridge. It carries Waterman Hill Road, in Quechee, the over Ottaquechee River. This bridge was built in 1970.

The Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival

The longest continuously running Hot Air Balloon Festival in New England is at its traditional location on the Quechee Village Green. The festival has been chosen by Yankee Magazine as one of the top 20 events of summer. It features over 20 hot air balloons.