1940s Sarasota Florida Trailer Park Inspires New Pop Art Series

Sarasota Series Vintage Trailer Park Pop Art Canvas Print

With the nation still recovering from the Great Depression and entering the Second World War, it may have been a simpler time, but it surely wasn’t an easier time.

A new series of artwork by photographer and artist Edward M. Fielding sources classic black and white photographs by FSA government photographer Marion Wolcott.

Marion Post Wolcott is best known for the more than 9,000 photographs she produced for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) from 1938 to 1942. This work is preserved at the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


Famed for her most heartfelt photos in eastern Kentucky and poverty, Wolcott also managed to capture America at its most leisurely point in the trailer parks of Sarasota, Florida.  Here retirees and vacationers wash their cars, hang up laundry, come the beach for shells, play shuffle board, and lounge around soaking in the sun.

Fielding uses these images of leisure in his new series of Pop Art pieces in the Sarasota Series.

Sarasota Series Wash Day

Sarasota Series Wash Day http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/sarasota-series-wash-day-edward-fielding.htmlgsgs

Sarasota Series Vintage Trailer Park Pop Art Canvas Print
Sarasota Series Vintage Trailer Park Pop Art Canvas Print – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/sarasota-series-vintage-trailer-park-pop-art-edward-fielding.html
Sarasota Series Beachcombers
Sarasota Series Beachcombers – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/sarasota-series-beachcombers-edward-fielding.html

This art print series gives a modern pop art twist on Old Florida a will certainly add bright sunny colors and a bit of nostalgia to any modern decor in the form of canvas prints, metal, wood, or acrylic prints as well as framed an matted prints with your choice of hundreds of framing options. Throw pillows, tote bags, shower curtains and other products with these images are also available at the Sarasota Series gallery collection.

Sarasota Series Trailer Park Playground
Sarasota Series Playground http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/sarasota-series-trailer-park-playground-edward-fielding.html


Sarasota Series Wash The Car
Sarasota Series Wash The Car http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/sarasota-series-wash-the-car-edward-fielding.html

Edward M. Fielding
Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography and digital art by artist Edward M. Fielding. Fielding is an artist working in the photography and digital media. As a freelance artist my work is currently represented by several leading stock agencies.

My work has appeared in featured in numerous magazines, greeting cards, advertising, book covers and media companies as well as been widely shown and juries into fine art shows.

Recently I was one of the featured artists in the PhotoReel art show at Gallery W at the Whitney in the Berkshires.

Photography Theme: Remote Cabin in the Winter

Theme: Remote Cabin in Winter
Theme: Remote Cabin in Winter

I shoot book cover images for ArcAngel Images and every winter there is one theme I look for – remote, desolate, old buildings.  The type of places where a mystery or crime could take place.

The scene of some terrible drama that occurs during a howling snowstorm.  A place you don’t want your kidnapper to take you.  A place where no one can hear your screams.

Winter Warming Hut
Winter Warming Hut

Perhaps a place where the rabbits were butchered.  A sex crime occurred. A strange old hag lives casting her evil spells.

Maybe a place of poverty and shame.  Growing up in the shadows of the coal fields or where Grandpa sharpened his knives and axes.  Perhaps the place where secrets or fugitives are hidden.  Maybe shelter for that escaped convict from the local prison, unknown to the little girl sent out for kindling or to feed the goats.

Of course these old cabins in the woods or covered in a blanket of fresh winter snow don’t have to be the scene of terrible events.  They can be fond memories, sugaring shacks for boiling maple sap down to sweet syrup, they can be workshops, warm and toasty vacation spots or even warming huts for cross country skiers.

Snow covered log cabin
Snow Covered Log Cabin fine art photograph by Edward M. Fielding

You can see all of the cabin photographs by photographer Edward M. Fielding here  – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/cabin

The cabin photographs in this collectin depict remote cabins, barns, shacks and sheds in all seasons including winter, spring, summer and fall.

These fine art photographs, watercolors and paintings are available as prints rolled in a tube, framed and matted prints from hundreds of combinations of mats and frames, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, wood prints as well as on products such as tote bags, throw pillows, phone cases, greeting cards and more!

Give Me That Old Time Rock N Roll

A collection of artwork celebrating classic Rock and Roll music by Edward M. Fielding

Artwork celebrating that old time rock and roll! http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/music

Check out the “Music Portfolio” at http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/music for classic rock and roll themes, vintage vinyl record album sleeves and great posters about the classic era of rock music.

Available as framed art, throw pillows, tote bags and more!
Available as framed art, throw pillows, tote bags and more!

The images in the Music Collection (http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/music) are available as wall art (prints, posters, framed artwork, metal prints, wood print, acrylic prints etc) and on products such as t-shirts, tote bags, throw pillows, shower curtains and more!

Vintage Columbia Records canvas print
Vintage Columbia Records canvas print

Vintage Vinyl of Evanston, Illinois is a record store frequented by some of the world’s most famous musicians and used as a reference in works of popular culture.

Over the years the store has been a favorite haunt of many noteworthy actors, musicians and authors, many of whom have referenced it in their work. The most noteworthy example of this is when former Evanston resident John Cusack chose the store as the original filming location for the movie High Fidelity.  A different location was used, but the name “Vintage Vinyl” is still referenced in the film.

A gramophone record (phonograph record), commonly known as a vinyl record or simply vinyl or record, is an analog sound storage medium in the form of a flat polyvinyl chloride (previously shellac) disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove. The groove usually starts near the periphery and ends near the center of the disc.

The phonograph disc record was the primary medium used for music reproduction until late in the 20th century. It had co-existed with the phonograph cylinder from the late 1880s and replaced it by the late 1920s. Records retained the largest market share even when new formats such as compact cassette were mass-marketed.

Fine Art for the Home and Office

Amazing artwork for your home!

Looking for a dynamic, scene stealing artwork or photograph for your home or office? Check out my portfolio of over 4,500 image from around the world! – http://www.edwardfielding.com

Amazing artwork for your home!
Amazing artwork for your home!

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Watercolor version of “Autumn Splendor” by Edward M. Fielding – artwork based on an original photograph taken in Norwich, Vermont during peak foliage season right across the Connecticut River from Hanover, New Hampshire and Dartmouth College.  The fine art photograph version is below:

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Lard Lad Donuts Simpsons Canvas Print Wall Art

Lard Lad Donuts from the Simpsons - sold a 13.375" x 20.000" print of Lard Lad Donuts to a buyer from Marysville, WA.
Lard Lad Donuts from the Simpsons – sold a 13.375″ x 20.000″ print of Lard Lad Donuts to a buyer from Marysville, WA.

Lard Lad Donuts, Springfield by fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding, shown above as configured by a recent customer as a large canvas print.

Lard Lad Donuts is a donut shop in the town of Springfield, The store’s mascot, Lard Lad, stands in the parking lot of the building holding a giant donut.

The store is a part of the Fast-Food Boulevard that seems to be famous in policemen terms, as Chief Wiggum is often seen eating some. It’s generally an estimated 3 meter tall donut store with an estimated 8 meter tall mascot of a young boy proudly holding a donut. The name and the statue of the eponymous boy are likely references to Big Boy restaurants.

Photography Prints

More Florida photographs and artwork can be seen here: http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/florida

When is photography art?

Ah the perpetual questions of photography’s place in the art world, which started with the birth of photography 150 or so ago. Is photography art? Is all photographer art? What makes some photography art and other photography not art?

Art Prints

Most importantly IS MY PHOTOGRAPHY ART? Or which of my photograph are considered art and others simply snapshots?

Photography Prints

For me the argument has been settled long ago when photographer’s began to be shown at art shows in galleries and museums and collectors began collecting photographs as fine art.

Photography Prints

Photography is an accepted fine art medium. All major art museums have photography collections. Photographers has been granted major retrospective at MOMA, The Tate Modern and other predominate museums. Photography is taught as a fine art medium in art schools around the world.

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But certainly not every photograph is considered art. To me the difference is the intent of the photographer. The artist uses photography to create a specific vision they wish to communicate with the world. This is different than a randomly shot snapshot. The intent is to create a single image or series of images that explore an idea.

Art Prints

This is why the modern art world ignores Peter Lik and no major museum has his work in their collections. He creates beautifully rendered postcard images but there is no meaning or intent behind them other than to create a pretty picture. Today’s museums collect art which explores ideas beyond simple beauty. So photography that explores ideas is considered fine art while a beautifully shot landscape basically falls into the realm of craft.

Art Prints

When is photography art? When it pushes the boundaries, when it shows us a new way of seeing, when it exposes a truth, when it explores an idea, when it pushes us out of our comfort zone, when it shows us how to see anew.

You May Be A Photographer, But Are You An Artist?

Roger Ballen Photography

Think before you shoot… 7 thoughts from world-renowned artist Roger Ballen.

“My purpose in taking photographs over the past forty years has ultimately been about defining myself. It has been fundamentally a psychological and existential journey.

If an artist is one who spends his life trying to define his being, I guess I would have to call myself an artist.” – Roger Ballen

Covered Bridges in the Upper Valley

Covered Bridges of New England

Another winter storm was in forecast  but the morning was sunny so I decided to take a ride to one of my favorite covered bridges to give you a look inside.

Covered bridge hunting is a fun thing to do in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont along the Connecticut River, there is a great collection of historic, traditional wooden covered bridges still exist including the longest covered bride in the country.  Some are obvious while others are a bit hidden.

Moxley Covered Bridge
Moxley Covered Bridge – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/moxley-covered-bridge-chelsea-vermont-edward-fielding.html

Moxley Covered Bridge – The Moxley Covered Bridge in Chelsea, Vermont is a 59 foot long Queenpost Truss. It carries Moxley Road over the First Branch of the White River in Chelsea. This bridge was built in about 1883.

Taftsville Covered Bridge Vermont
Taftsville Covered Bridge Vermont – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/taftsville-covered-bridge-vermont-edward-fielding.html

The Taftsville Bridge is a two span 189 foot long Multiple Kingpost Truss with an arch. Spans are 89 and 100 feet. It carries River Road the over Ottaquechee River in Taftsville Vermont. This bridge was built in 1836 and is one of the oldest covered bridges in Vermont.

Blow-Me-Down Covered Bridge
Blow-Me-Down Covered Bridge, Cornish, New Hampshire – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/blow-me-down-covered-bridge-cornish-new-hampshire-edward-fielding.html

The Blow Me Down Bridge is a one span Multi-King post Truss with a total length of 85 feet. It carries Mill Road over Blow Me Down Brook in the town of Cornish. This bridge was built in 1877.

Cresson Covered Bridge Sawyer Crossing
Cresson Covered Bridge Sawyer Crossing – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/cresson-covered-bridge-sawyer-crossing-edward-fielding.html

The Sawyer Crossing or Cresson Bridge is a two span Town Lattice Truss with a total length of 159 feet. It carries Sawyer Crossing Road over the Ashuelot River in the town of Swanzey. This bridge was built in 1859.

Cornish Windsor Covered Bridge
Cornish Windsor Covered Bridge – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/cornish-windsor-covered-bridge-edward-fielding.html

The Cornish Windsor Covered Bridge is a covered bridge that spans the Connecticut River between Cornish, New Hampshire and Windsor, Vermont. It was the longest covered bridge still standing in the United States until the Smolen Gulf Bridge opened in Ohio in 2008 but the the Cornish-Windsor bridge still carries car traffic while the Ohio bridge is only pedestrian traffic. Mt. Ascutney can be seen in the background

More Covered Bridges in the Area

More fine art photographs of covered bridges from all over the Upper Valley and New England can be seen here – http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/covered+bridge

Zombie Art – The Walking Dead and Zombies

Zombie Inspired Fine Art Photographs

Zombie Art – Big “The Walking Dead” fan here, although we’re a few seasons behind due to having to wait for the DVDs to be released on Netflix. But I have managed to shoot a few zombie photographs over the years including catching this zombie guy outside a medical research lab feasting on discarded medical waste:

The Walking Dead zombie eating brains out of a metal drum.
The Walking Dead zombie eating brains out of a metal drum.

Check out Fielding’s portfolio for more more creepy, spooky, scary and horror inspired fine art photographs for purchase as prints, framed art, and other items such as cards, decor and gift items.

Then there was this shot of fresh ground zombie meat, complete with eyeball, spotted in the mid-west somewhere.

Package of fresh ground zombie meat.
Package of fresh ground zombie meat.

Then there was this local specialty cocktail in Transylvania that The Count kept raving about, so we gave it a try.  Unfortunately it kept looking at us all night.

Package of fresh ground zombie meat.
Package of fresh ground zombie meat.

This poor old soul must have had a few too many of those martinis.

Creepy Hooded Skull - fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding
Creepy Hooded Skull – fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding

To see more creepy fine art photographs in the portfolio of Edward M. Fielding or to purchase prints, framed art, and other items, click on the links below:

Zombie Photographs

Creepy Photographs 

More Horror Photography

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online

Make Art Work Hard

Make Art Work Hard
Make Art Work Hard  http://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/make-art-work-hard-edward-fielding.html

Make Art – Work Hard

Being an artist is hard work.  The resulting efforts might sometimes look “effortless” because they are the result of years of practice but the journey behind the work is full of a lot of grueling work.

“Luck is just hard work coming back to you. All it is, is the combination of time, persistence, patience, and sacrifice making its way back.”  Shantell Martin

Artists take about “process”.  Process is the the work.  The work that brings about the end result that you, as the viewer see.  Behind any work is a long process of experimenting, crafting, trying, testing, and making.

Creativity looks easy, but that’s a carefully staged illusion—artists invest more effort than we often give them credit for. Forget absinthe-drinking and angsting on a velvet chaise; artists have always faced hard labor, mental strain, and more than a few occupational hazards. http://blogs.getty.edu/iris/yes-art-really-is-hard-work/

It’s not easy coming up with intriguing ideas, searching one’s soul for the meaning of life, visiting hard times in ones past or simply trying to squeeze a new viewpoint or beauty out of the world.

Being an artist is not about lightning bolts of inspiration.  Being an artist is about being willing to listen closely and then doing your best to describe what you find.   More than anything, however, being an artist is about not giving up.  – http://skinnyartist.com/art-is-work/

Putting in the effort to create great artwork, to develop a skill, to develop a style and to get your name out there is the essence of being an artist.  If you don’t have the passion to put in long hours into something that may never pay off, you probably aren’t made to be an artist.

Prints, t-shirts, mugs and more are available with the above “Make Art – Work Hard design – here.

Read more about the hard work behind art making