Storm Chasing on Prince Edward Island

I didn’t go looking for this near tornado, but it found me! The storm chased us.

It was getting dark and cloudy but the storms looked far off the distance so we decided to take a bike ride down to the beach near the cottage we were renting on Prince Edward Island. About half way down to the beach we decided the storm was looking a lot worse so we biked like the dickens to get back to the cottage.

I took this shot from the porch. You can just see the Cape Tyron light house in the distance, just poking its head over the wheat field. I think if this cloud touched down it would have been a tornado. When the rain finally hit it was so intense it started pouring in the closed windows!

Art Prints

The bottom section stared out as a long cloud tube and then when it reached the end of the island it started bending back and wrapping into a more circular shape and the upper section started to join it. Crazy!