Someone Remembered – Christmas gift in the old truck

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A red Christmas present sitting inside an old rusty truck. Quechee, Vermont. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding
Someone Remembered takes place in a field in Vermont where an old farm truck took its last breaths and died. Back in the day before we had modern conveniences such as transfer stations, recycling or even dumps. Old cars and farm machinery simply ended where their usefulness ended.

I’ve photographed this old truck in the past and it’s a favorite spot of mine. It’s in the database so to speak – a swirling folder of locations I keep in my head. Since working with book publishers these last few years creating book cover images, I’ve been working on introducing more and more storytelling in my images. Creating images that feel like a frame out of a movie or page out of a book rather than simple documentation of an object or scene.

Rather any simple documentation of a subject I want the image to create story-lines in the viewer’s head. Close up shots of this truck in the past suggested to me that maybe the truck was in an accident, maybe the driver was drunk and hit a tree or it was some tragic suicide. Maybe the truck is haunted?