My Rights Managed Portfolio on Arcangel

Memory Man Book Cover
The book cover for Memory Man featuring artwork by Edward M. Fielding
book cover
Leaf photograph on book cover by Edward M. Fielding
New book cover
Latest book cover licensing by Edward M. Fielding
Book cover by Edward M. Fielding
Edward M. Fielding’s artwork on a book cover
book cover by Edward M. Fielding
Patricia Macdonald book cover by Edward M. Fielding

A curated portfolio of my best work suitable for rights managed (RM) licensing is available through my agency Arcangel.  Arcangel is a photo image library that provides a select and distinct collection of image primarily to the publishing industry.

Arcangel Images Premium Collection

The Arcangel premium stock photography collection holds 300.000 carefully curated highly creative rights managed and royalty free images. It covers a wide range of general photographic subjects and themes, including people, landscapes, still life, concepts, historic, floral, travel and more. Right managed image licenses can be purchased with exclusivity or without.
Here’s a segment of an interview with  owner Michael Mascaro.  The complete interview can be seen at:

Arcangel has quite a distinctive aesthetic and visually you do not veer from a darker and more moody feel. Clearly you have a creative vision of how you sculpt the collection. How do you seek out your artists, decide where the images go (RF, RM) and arrive at subject matter?

Currently the collection holds around 270,000 images, all of these handpicked by Arcangel staff. This ensures we maintain extremely high standards and that images are relevant to the industries we work with. Although we do have many dark and moody images (many consider us the library of choice for thrillers & crime novels) the archive contains a very broad range of subjects and themes.

With regards how we find artists, they usually approach us. Our doors are always open to both new an established photographers. The contributors themselves decide if they want to sell RM or RF work, although 99% of our collection is rights-managed, as the majority of our clients require the protection that the RM licensing model offers.

The agency has a strong presence in the book cover market. Was this by design? How is the collection received in other segments?

We have a passion for the book industry… it’s our home. We have a deep understanding of our client’s needs and how they work. It’s our aim to make their job as easy, enjoyable and inspiring as possible. In return, the industry inspires us and our contributors…

Although  we do sell to other industries, the book trade is at the core of Arcangel.