Recently sold – Dirty Dog Laundry Soap

Dirty Dog Laundry Soap
Dirty Dog Laundry Soap

Edward Fielding sold a 7.125″ x 8.000″ print of Dirty Dog Laundry Soap to a buyer from Cincinnati, OH.

Unlike self cleaning cat owners, dog owners know that if you have a dog, you know they need a bath once in a while.  And if you have a dog who likes to dig or roll in smelly stuff, you know that they will need a bath often.  And then if you have a white dog like a Westie or West Highlands White Terrier, you know they need a bath even more often.

“Dirty Dog Laundry Soap” is a vintage looking image featuring photograph, artist and designer, Edward M. Fielding’s westie named “Tiki” who is often employed as a model for his photographs.

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Washing a Small Dog

My twenty pound ball of white fur actually enjoys his bath.  I fill up the kitchen sink with warm water and he sits right down in it.  I use the sprayer to direct the water around and avoid his ears.

After a shampoo and rinse, I wrap him in a towel and try to get most of the water off.  Then he gets a rub down.  Next he is let loose (outside preferable if it is warm enough and I put the towel down on the ground.  He shakes off and then proceeds to go crazy on the town rubbing his face and ears on it.

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And I all most forgot the most important thing about bathtime. The treat at the end. If you train your dog to work for a treat, they won’t have any problem with bath time.

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Supermodel “Tiki the Westie” stars as photographer Edward M. Fielding’s inspirational muse for this series of dog photographs. Tiki takes on multiple personas including old Broadway actors, Aladdin as in One Thousand and One Nights and Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail. Accompanying quotes from writers, comedians and other notable humans round out the photographs…