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A review of recent sales from my portfolio on Fine Art America.  After a number of years shooting, marketing, promoting and creating, I’ve built up a diverse and sizable portfolio of work offered on Fine Art America and Pixels which sells frequently.  Here are some of the latest artwork that as sold as prints and products.  Thank you to my collectors!  Your purchases allow me to keep creating. It pays for gas in the tank, mileage on the car and for the hours I put in each week touring around the country as well as in the studio.

Recent Sales


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Photography Prints

Photography Prints

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Art Prints

Photography Prints
Photography Prints

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Sell Art Online

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How do I get sales on Print On Demand Sites (PODs) like Fine Art America, Pixels, RedBubble, Society6 etc?

Since I sell often on FAA, Fine Art America, Pixels and other sites like RedBubble and Society6 I’m often ask how to get sales.  Usually its by a new beginner photographer who has just uploaded 10 or so images in the last 24 hours and is waiting around “patiently” for sales to flow in.

Well, it has basically taken me 50 years to get to the point I’m at – selling prints and products at a comfortable rate.  Its taken me fifty years to build up my personal style and vision for my photography and artwork, plus five years or so of building up my name and brand recognition as well as my portfolio of over 4,000 diverse and intriguing artworks for sale in my portfolio.

Here are some tips but if you are looking for some quick and easy magic formula to selling artwork online, you will be disappointed.  One tip is to look at recent sales on these sites and determine if your work measures up to the quality of the artwork that has recently sold.

Step One:  Create a diverse, high quality, interesting, intriguing and large portfolio of images.

There are more art creators out there then buyers.  This a simple fact.  Offering your artwork for sale has never been easier in the history of selling artwork.  POD sites like Fine Art America has no barriers to entry.  No gatekeepers.  No curators or reviewers.  Anyone and their brother can offer their artwork and photographs for sale if their ego is big enough to believe that their work is suitable for sale.  The result is millions upon millions of images offered for sale from masterpieces to the totally clueless snapshots.

The only way for you as an artist to break through this ocean of artwork is to create outstanding work that will rise to the top.  Bad art will sink to the bottom of the ocean and never be purchased.  Good art and photography will float to the top.

Before bothering to send anyone to your virtual online store, its important to have fully stocked shelves.  It doesn’t take long for new hopeful sellers to realize that they are not going to reap many benefits with a handful of images.  It takes just as much marketing and promotional effort to get eyeballs to visit a portfolio of 10 images as it does to get them to a portfolios of hundreds of images.  Each image has the potential to bring in more people.

Now this doesn’t mean throw up a bunch of crap in your portfolio and see what sticks.  Potential buyers want to see consistent quality through out a portfolio to judge weather or not you just happened to have a lucky shot and then a bunch of junk.  The sign of a good artist is the depth of their portfolio.  Good artwork throughout.

Work on your art first.  Worry about selling later.  Like I said before, it took my 50 years to get to the point I am at now with my artwork.  The stuff I did in my twenties and before I don’t even bother showing.

Step Two: Get potential buyers to see your work

The second part of selling artwork is getting eyeballs to your large portfolio of quality work.  You do this by creating context around your artwork.  Discuss your artwork, blog about your artwork, describe your artwork, keyword your artwork, shoot videos about your artwork, spread the news of your artwork via social media, talk to people on the street about your artwork, send out press releases about your artwork etc.

Any and every way to spread the news about your artwork.  All of this takes time and it about building up context around your artwork.  Google and the other search engines can describe your artwork for you.  You have to provide words to associate with your artwork so that you potential art buyer base can find it.

If you can’t be found, you won’t be selling.

Step Three:  Sales bring sales

The Catch 22 of selling artwork is that artwork that sells is promoted by the various print on demand sites.  You need sales to make sales.  Think about it, these POD sites are in business to sell artwork.  What better way is there to determine what might sell in the future than past sales.   Artwork that has sold in the past will be promoted in the top of the search and on the front pages of any POD such as Fine Art America, Pixels, Redbubble, Society6 and other POD sites.

In order to break through to the top, you will have to start at the bottom.  As a new seller in 2016, you will be at the back of the pack with other artists work years ahead of you.  If you are going to succeed you will have to do more than they are in terms of quality and marketing and promotion.  You will have to want it more than they do.  You will have to think smarter and promote better.  You will have to do what they do not.  So don’t just think that posting on social media is going to be your ticket to success.  Think outside of the box and come up with clever ways to break out of the pack and into the lead.

Recent sales is the best indication of what is trending and what the audience of a particular print on demand site is looking to purchase.  Recent sale pages should be the first step in our research to see if your work has the potential to sell.  Recent sales indicate which artists are popular and what type of artwork will make it to the recent sales page in the future.  Recent sales could be from artwork posted three years ago or three days ago, it just depend on how quickly it is found by the right audience.

You can view all of my recent sales on Fine Art America from this gallery.

red tractor art for sale

green tractor art for sale

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