Recent Artwork Sales – Very large sizes

Despite the world’s collective breath holding over the U.S. Presidential Election tomorrow, not everything has come to a complete stop.  I’ve managed to sell a nice amount of art to collectors recently and some serious large prints and canvases too.

Previously my largest print sale to date was this one featuring a woman in a lacy dress holding a revolver:

gun woman Photography Prints

The buyer contacted me and requested that I upload an larger size than I had available for sale. The print was purchased rolled in a tube and was headed for New York City so I’m guessing it is featured on an entire wall of a NYC Chelsea apartment. The final size was around 60 x 40 inches which is a very large sized print.

Very Large Prints

Then last week this very large, very long print was ordered. A 60.000″ x 17.750″ print of Victorian Row Houses to a buyer from Vienna, VA. At five feet this is going to look amazing over a sofa or couch. Unfortunately when we sell via print on demand sites or PODs we don’t have any contact with the buyers so we can’t ask them to share a snap of the artwork installed.

Photography Prints
Even Larger Prints

Not all of my work is available at the top sizes available. Some were created with older cameras which limit the size the images can be printed. Some are digitally created on smaller files. But prints and canvases up to 108 inches are possible. This is an amazingly large print of course and not everyone has room for such a monster print. Although businesses and stores display such sized images all the time.

My largest sale ever came this week with this 108.000″ x 48.750″ print of Christmas Caroling Dogs to a buyer from Virginia Water, Surrey – United Kingdom. It is going to look stunning of course, but I do have to wonder what this Christmas themed image will be used for – I’m imagining a pet store using it as signage for the holiday season. Or maybe a pet shelter.

Sell Art Online

Smaller sizes as well as products such as throw pillows and phone cases featuring these images of course are also available in case you don’t have an extra seven feet of wall space to devote to a single piece of artwork.

For artwork of every size, shape and configuration from small framed prints for the bathroom to show stopping monster sized canvases for your restaurant, office or shop, check out my portfolio at