Product Review: Blackbolt O-bolt 360 Degree Rotator

 Motorized Panning Head Gopro Action Cam Timelapse Variable Speeds and Built-in Rechargeable Battery Blackbolt O-bolt 360 Degree Rotator

The O-Bolt is an inexpensive ($40) motorized panning head for the GoPro and other small action camera or your cell phone.  There are options for panning and for 360 degree movement in three speeds.  It’s a great option for moving time lapses videos.

The unit is small – very pocket-able and charges simply via a USB connection to its build in battery.  Build quality is what you might expect for the price range, not the most solid feeling item but the options are fantastic.  Being able to pan back and forth with three speed options as well as a full rotation is a lot more functionality then a cheap mechanical unit.

Here the un-boxing and initial tests of my O-Bolt mounted on a light stand:

Cheaper rotating units are available but they are not motorized.  The cheap units start around $15 but they are purely mechanical and only travel in one direction, don’t pan and don’t have the abilty to change direction. The cheap units also only have one speed are really only useful for time lapse.  Cheap mechanical units are basically kitchen timers co-oped for use as a rotator.

I used it in the following video in the scene with the red deck chair.  Time lapse and panning – shot with my GoPro Hero5  during a blizzard.

More Details

  • O-Bolt is 3/4″ standard and compatible with all brands of action camera. (Gopro, Isaw etc.) and digital cameras up to 300g max.
  • Combine 3 panning motions (continuous, swing, stop-n-go) with 3 speeds (normal, fast, time lapse) to get the result you need.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery via USB. Take it with you during your travels
  • Use it with your smartphone to create unique videos.
  • Perfect for time lapse lovers


Compatible with all action cameras with tripod 3/4″” mounting

Control the speed
Not too fast, not too slow! Timing is everything and you can get the timing right and switch between 3 different speeds whenever you need it.

Control the movement
Don’t just stand there! With BA20 you can double the movement and multiply the action! Continuous 360 degree rotation, simple swings, stop-and-go? Choose the best camera movement for each situation to get the professional effect you want.

Box Contents
• Blackbolt® O-bolt x 1
• USB cable
• Operating guide
• 1 year warranty

Basic features
O-Bolt panning head
• 90 min running time.
• Recharge via micro USB plug
• 3 speeds
– Fast : 3 round per minute
– Normal : 1.5 round per minute
– Timelapse : 1 round per hour
• 3 movements
– Continuous
– Swing (Left, right 120 degree arc)
– Stop-n-go (Pause every 90 degrees)
• 2 directions (left – right)
• 3/4″” male screw (top), 3/4″” female (bottom)
• Best with cameras up to 300g. Heavier load will affect performances.

• A miniature device for a professional touch
First person filming can be dull, repetitive and often won’t do justice to the scenery or the action going on.
Take your videos to the next level with the panning motion of the BA20 and include reliable motorized camera movements to impress your friends with a professional result. Don’t worry, it’s small, light and it includes a battery so you can carry it around with you for all your outdoor shootings.”