How to price and sell your artwork

How do I price my artwork is one of the top questions asked by beginning artists and is usually followed by how do I sell my artwork.

How to price your artwork

How do you price your paintings and artwork? Artist Stefan Baumann’s YouTube video does a good job explaining how to price your fine art paintings including dealing with galleries and even the IRS.

He recommends that painters start by using a price by square inch method and start with a price of $2 per square inch. The square inch is calculated by multiplying the length by the width. So for example a 16 x 20 inch painting would be 320 square inches. 320 x $2 would give you a base price of $640 for your painting.

Additional costs might include market up on the frame (double the frame price) and gallery fees or extras such as brass name plates.

Stefan also discusses the ethical concerns of price consistency with your gallery prices and the need for your prices to rise over time.

Some other times is to create a pricing strategy and stick to it. Even your favorites should follow the pricing strategy.

Secrets to selling your art:

  1. Have great art (quality)
  2. Have a website
  3. Have a blog (living website that can be updated)
  4. Collect emails and connect info
  5. Have a way to collect money.

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