Photography Equipment for Bad Weather

Bad weather shouldn’t keep you away from photography, some of the most dramatic shots can be had in the middle of a storm.   But you do have to worry about your expensive photography equipment.  A good weather sealed camera like my Canon 6D and weather sealed lenses are a good start but you can add extra protection from the elements with rain covers.

Rain covers are like little rain coats for your camera and lens and are also great for keeping wet snow or salt spray off your equipment.  The ones I use are listed below.

The other things to have handy is lens cloths and microfiber towels for cleaning lenses and drying off equipment.

(2 Pack) Altura Photo Rain Cover for DSLR Cameras with Lenses Up to 18″ LongThe Altura Photo® Rain Cover is unquestionably an essential tool for outdoor photographers. Shield your camera from rain, salt spray, sand, snow, and everything else mother nature throws your way. The compact, lightweight cover folds easily to fit in your pocket or camera bag so you can keep one with you at all times.
  • – (2 pack) Ultra-clear polyethylene rain covers for unobstructed access to all camera controls
  • – Adjustable draw-string closure secures cover on the lens or hood at all times.
  • – For hand held or tripod shooting
  • Compatibility:
  • – Fits all camera brands and models with lenses up to 18″ in length and 7″ diameter
  • – Fits lenses with or without a lens hood.