Old Ford Vintage Tractor

Vintage Tractor Fine Art Photography

Old vintage tractors live and breath in Springfield, New Hampshire.  I found this wonderful old, patina-ed Ford red and white vintage tractor working on building up a wood pile in a woodlot.

Part of an ongoing series of fine art photographs of vintage tractors in Vermont, New Hampshire and all around New England,  including a few as far north as Prince Edward Island, Canada.  You can see the entire collection at:  https://edward-fielding.pixels.com/art/tractor

Old Ford Vintage Tractor
Old Ford Vintage Tractor, Springfield, New Hampshire by Edward M. Fielding

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The Ford N-Series tractors are a series of farm tractors that were produced by Ford between 1939 and 1952, spanning the 9N2N, and 8N models.

The 9N was the first American-made production-model tractor to incorporate Harry Ferguson’s three-point hitch system, a design still used on most modern tractors today. It was released in October 1939. The 2N, introduced in 1942, was the 9N with some improved details. The 8N, which debuted in July 1947, was a largely new machine featuring more power and an improved transmission. It proved to be the most popular farm tractor of all time in North America.

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