Old Barn Door, Windor, Vermont

Old barn door
An old barn door in Windsor Vermont. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding


Fine art photograph of an old barn door in Windsor, Vermont in winter by fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding.  Prints, cards, canvases, metal prints and more available here –
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I found this complex of old barns, now used for storage, just outside of Windsor Vermont, the birthplace of Vermont and home of Harpoon Brewery as well as pottery and glass artisans at
Simon Pearce. The American Precision Museum and the Old Silo distillery are other attractions in the area as well as the Cornish-Windsor covered bridge.

One of the New Hampshire grants, Windsor was chartered as a town on July 6, 1761, by colonial governor Benning Wentworth. It was first settled in August 1764 by Captain Steele Smith and his family from Farmington, Connecticut. In 1777, the signers of the Constitution of the Vermont Republic met at Old Constitution House, a tavern at the time, to declare independence from the British Empire (the Vermont Republic would not become a state until 1791). In 1820, it was the state’s largest town, a thriving center for trade and agriculture. In 1835, the first dam was built across Mill Brook to provide water power. Factories made guns, machinery, tinware, furniture and harnesses. The community is named for Windsor, Connecticut.