New! Two Red Chairs at the Lake

Chairs are a favorite subject of mine. Usually I look for two chairs together for my series of “Life is Better Together”. Chairs are a stand-in for humans within a landscape. A way for the viewer to picture themselves within a scene. They bring scale and a human element to a otherwise wild landscape. Chairs are welcoming and inviting. They beckon to the viewer to come and sit for a while and enjoy some company in the great outdoors. — Edward M. Fielding.

Red Chairs By The Lake by Edward M. Fielding
Red Chairs By The Lake by Edward M. Fielding

The old story goes something like this…

As told by Mike Savad (my edits):

There was a photographer I knew who was very careful about pre-planning his photography shoots.  For example he would drive out to a remote lake, set up camp there, bring props like big red canoes or an Adirondack chair set up at the end of the pier.

During the bright harsh daylight, he would fish, cook, nap, poke at the fire and hike.  But in the golden hours he would create photographs.

He would wait till sunrise or sunset, get the tripod ready, select the proper lens, take a few test shots, remove any litter in the scene, all the while keeping an eye on the light and sky.  He always knew where the sun was going to set and plan his shots carefully to capture the best light.

But sometimes his activity would attract attention.  One day while shooting an Adirondack chair on the end of a dock with beautiful late day light over the lake,  a lady came over and watched him for about 10 minutes.

Finally she could wait no longer and said “Hey, are you done yet?  I want to take that picture too!”

“Oh sorry” he said ” I didn’t realize you were behind me.  Let me get my stuff out of the way.”   And then started to  gather up his props.  He walked to the end of the dock, and took the chair down.

“What are you doing!!” she screamed. “I wanted to take that picture!”

He replied simply “Well, that was my chair, i brought it all the way up here to get this shot that I’ve been planning for months.  But enjoy the view.”

Then he put the chair in the back of his car and drove off, leaving the woman fuming on the edge of the lake.

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