New book! Pugs now available on Amazon

Now available on Amazon – “Pugs by Edward M. Fielding” – a follow up book to the popular “the Quotable Westie”, Fielding turns his camera on cute and comical pug dogs.


Fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding follows up on his popular “the Quotable Westie” dog photography book with a look at comical, lovable pugs full of character and humor. Pugs of all shapes and sizes from cute puppies to full sized adults with poses ranging from irresistible cuteness to plenty of attitude. This small art book direct from the artist makes a great gift for pet lovers and pug owners. About the Author/Photographer: Edward M. Fielding’s work has graced the covers of best selling novels, galleries and in magazines. His ability to charm dogs into posing for him in the studio has earned him the reputation of a dog whisperer. Pugs with their constant motion have probably been the biggest challenge yet in this series of funny dog portraits.