New Book Cover RM License: Memory Man

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I was happy to receive a report from my book cover agent, Arcangel, that my image would be gracing the cover of the newest release by David Baldacci called Memory Man and releases on April 23rd in the United Kingdom. My work shows up on the UK edition of the book.

Memory Man Book Cover
The book cover for Memory Man featuring artwork by Edward M. Fielding


About the author:

David Baldacci was born in 1960 in Richmond, Virginia. He is a bestselling American novelist. Baldacci received a B.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University and a law degree from the University of Virginia. As a student, Baldacci wrote short stories in his spare time, and later practiced law for nine years near Washington, D.C.. While living in Alexandria, Virginia, Baldacci wrote short stories and screenplays without much success. In despair, he turned to novel writing, taking three years to write Absolute Power. It took Baldacci two years to get the book published, but when it finally did hit the shelves in 1996 it was an international best seller.
David Baldacci serves as a national ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and participates in numerous charities as well as founding his own foundation for literacy, Wish You Well Foundation. Baldacci was raised in Virginia and still resides there with his wife, Michelle A. Collin-Baldacci (Mikki), and two children. His cousin is the Democratic Governor of Maine John Baldacci, first elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006.
In 1997, People magazine named him one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Memory Man Blue Book Cover
Draft version or blue version of Memory Man.

About Memory Man:

Amos Decker is a former professional football player whose career was ended by a terrible hit. Now a police detective, Amos is still haunted by a side effect from the accident he can never forget.

One night Decker comes home from a stakeout to find his wife, young daughter and brother-in-law horrifically murdered. Obviously scarred and nearly broken, Decker has to use his skills as a detective and his unusual brain capacity to try and catch the monster who killed his family.
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