Its nearly impossible to sell abstract paintings online!

I sell a lot of photography on Fine Art America and as well as licensing my photographs to publishers and designers around the world on a daily basis but I find its nearly impossible to see my abstract paintings online. Its just the nature of the beast I suppose, wrong venue. Basically you can’t sell what is not seen and with abstract paintings exactly what do people search for to find your work?

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That’s the problem I think. Abstract paintings can hit you emotionally when you see them in a gallery or even in a hotel, boardroom, a swanky modern apartment in New York but online you have to do a lot of imagining to see how they will look in your home or office. Plus typically with online searches you have to know a bit of about what you are looking for and how does one do that with abstracts?

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Sure if you know the artist’s name you could search by artist. But how many people can describe exactly what type of abstract painting they are looking to purchase? I know when I stay in a hotel room decorated by nice abstracts I’m intrigued but often the artist name isn’t on the work and how would I search for it other then using my cell phone and some kind of image search app like Google Goggles?

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Selling abstract artwork online certainly is one of the biggest challenges facing an artist trying to sell their abstract work on the online print on demand sites.  Getting someone to see the work and to appreciate how it will look in the potential buyers home.

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