My latest book cover license

I have a portfolio of photographs suitable for rights managed and royalty free licensing for the publishing industry for book covers and editorial usage via Arcangel Images.  You can see my portfolio at:

Or head over to Arcangel and type “Edward Fielding” into search to see the nearly 1,000 images in portfolio, all hand selected by the reviewers at Arcangel.

From time to time my work ends up on book covers around the world.  My most recent book cover was for Canción de cuna de Auschwitz by Mario Escobar – SPAIN

Canción de cuna de Auschwitz by Mario Escobar - SPAIN
Canción de cuna de Auschwitz by Mario Escobar – SPAIN


The baby stroller in snow image is mine.  The cover designer added the teddy bear and concentration camp in the background.

This image is also available for purchase as fine art in the form of canvas or framed and matted wall art.

baby stroller Art Prints

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baby stroller Art Prints

baby stroller Art Online

Entre los papeles encontrados el doctor nazi Joseph Mengele hay un diario escrito en cuadernos infantiles de una mujer llamada Helene Hanneman. Se trata de una enfermera alemana casada con un hombre gitano, deportada en la primavera de 1943 al Campo Gitano de Birkenau Auschwitz II. Sector BII e. En el diario Helene describe los dieciséis meses de su estancia en el Campo de Exterminio.

Mario Escobar Golderos (Madrid, Spain) has a degree in History, with an advanced studies degree in Modern History. Numerous books have been written and Articles about the Inquisition, the Protestant Reformation, and religious sects. I is the executive director of an NGO and directs the magazine New story for discussion, in Addition to being a Contributing columnist in various publications. Passionate about history and Its mysteries, Escobar has delved into the depths of church history, the different sectarian groups struggled That Have therein, and the discovery and colonization of the Americas. I specializes in the lives of unorthodox Spaniards and Americans.