My Dad’s Super 8 Footage from Vietnam

Like many men, my father was quite the gadget guy in his youth. He had a reel to reel tape player, big console stereo system and liked to shoot home movies on Kodak Super 8 film.

He paid for college by joining the ROTC and later provided for his young family by joining the Army. Surviving two tours of Vietnam he made a 22 year career out of the service, then later retired and went back to his first plan of being a history teacher.

While in Vietnam he recorded a lot of audio letters back to the family as well as shot film on his Kodak Super 8 camera. I’ve inherited a few boxes of slides, photos, negatives and footage.

Unfortunately it’s rather expensive getting this stuff converted to digital as well as time consuming looking through the edited and unedited reels. But I did managed to get the following footage transferred to digital. Maybe if it make enough advertising money I can afford to get some more of this material transferred.