My book the Quotable Westie

Tiki the westie, star of the book "the Quotable Westie" as well as popular stock photos used through out the world.

The Quotable Westie

As you look around my artist direct stock photography site, Dogford Studios, you are bound to run into my model on call “Tiki”.   My dog Tiki is a cute little West Highlands White Terrier or Westie who we rescued from a puppy mill that was shut down in Tennessee.  We were lucky to get a Westie as  we were looking for a non-shedding dog and were not sure we’d  be comfortable with a hairless dog here in Northern New England.  (Although I have photographed the cutest hairless dog recently who was so sweet – with really hot skin!)

Tiki has been a great pet and the most excellent model.  He has come to associate the flash of the studio strobes with treats so he is the ever willing model.  He’ll sit down in a set and stay there for a long time.  Even if I forget a prop, trigger release or lens and have to leave the room, when I get back he’ll still be in the same position.  He is the best.  Tolerates silly costumes like clown outfits or even embarrassing ballerina dresses.  He is a real trooper.

In fact his cooperative nature lead me to create a small book of photos based on sessions with Tiki called “the Quotable Westie” which is for sale on Amazon.  Basically its overview of some of the shots we’ve done together and is a great tool for getting his friends to pose for my camera.  Pete the Pug, Ginny the Pug, Max the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Eve the Chinese Crested mix have all come by the studio after Tiki’s example and are available in stock photographs here at Dogford Studios.

Watch the video! the Quotable Westie teaser video

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