After Fishboy, Modern Moose Rises

In the beginning there was Fishboy

If you’ve been looking for Fishboy as in Fishboy Art and Design or Fishboy T-shirts, I’m afraid you are a little too late to the party. A couple of years ago Paul Ocepek and Edward Fielding of Fishboy fame decided to move on to other projects as the continual competition, lack of price elasticity in the t-shirt market, the raise of print on demand t-shirt sites and the continuous rips off our the Fishboy designs made it unfeasible to continue selling t-shirts of the quality we wanted to sell.

Moving on to Modern Moose

Paul Ocepek had been wanting to venture into new directions anyway with exciting new 3D products that took advantage of his industrial design background. His new company Modern Moose at sells all kinds of neat gift items like 3D wooden clocks, throw pillows and sculptures printed on wood with his playful, colorful and fun graphics.  Perfect for kids rooms and the young at heart, the growing line of signature gift items can be seen on his website as well as in gift shops and museum shops around the world.  I recently spotted his products at the MoMA gift shop in NYC.

Modern Moose clock at MoMA design store in New York City
Modern Moose clock at MoMA design store in New York City

Fine Art Photography comes out of the shadows

The other principal of the former Fishboy, Edward M. Fielding has moved on from promoting Paul’s t-shirt designs and the website to creating and promoting his own artwork which is primarily fine art photography as well as commercial photography for the publishing industry.  You may have seen his work on book covers at any book store around the world.  His portfolio of prints, canvas, acrylic, framed artwork as well as products such as cell phone cases, throw pillows and more can be found at or

Sure thousands of Fishboy fans and collectors are disappointed by the lose of Fishboy Art and Design but the two principals have move on to the next exciting chapters of their creative careers.

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