Maui Hawaii Photographs

I looked out the window this afternoon here in New Hampshire and saw a flurry of snow.  Gray skies, a weekend of cold rain, wet soaked leaves on the ground – am I daydreaming about Maui, Hawaii?  You bet!

I actually was born in Hawaii but unfortunately being an army brat, I didn’t stay there long.  About six months only it seems.  My mom says I never even got to stick my feet in the water.  But a few years ago we were able to return for a photography trip to Maui, Hawaii.  We were able to explore the island from tip to tip.

Some of my most popular photographs from the trip include the surf board fences.  There were several on the island.  Some extensive circling a property line, some simply a small collection of surf boards.

Surf Art Prints

Surf boards it seems have a lifespan.  After being pummeled wave after wave in a few seasons of surfing these boards get beat up and eventually get tossed at the landfill.  Enterprising recyclablers have turned these colorful boards into cool fences to the delight of tourists and locals.

Surf Art Online

Maui Hawaii has a great collection of these surf board fences although I’m sure there are other examples on other islands in the Hawaiian chain of islands as well as in other surfing capitals around the world.

See all the surfing related artwork and photographs here:

Of course Maui Hawaii isn’t only about surfing.  There are also amazing waterfalls, hiking, swimming, boating and great local food.

Art Prints

To view and purchase fine art prints from Hawaii visit this link: