How many images sell monthly on Fine Art America?

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Here is how I answered the following question recently:

Q. Approximately, how many artworks (originals and prints) sell on sites like and per month?

The only number important to you and your work is how many pieces can you expect to sell per month. Unfortunately there are important variables which determine this including:

1. Quality of your work
2. Suitability of your work to the market attracted to the site
3. Number of works offered
4. Diversity of works offered.
5. How well you have sold on the site in the past.
6. How much marketing you do.
7. Your name recognition.
8. The size of your target market.
9. The appropriateness of your pricing.
10. Your Google ranking.
11. How long you’ve been working on marketing.
12. The volume of new pieces uploaded.

Results vary for each individual artist. Every artist is different and markets their work differently.
True right? I mean for myself, after four years of marketing and building up a portfolio of 4,000 quality, diverse images on Fine Art America, I typically sell a work every few days or even every day during the Christmas season but it varies greatly. Some artists on the site have never sold after being on the site for years. Others sell 10 or more artworks a day. Most only offer their work and don’t put in the time and effort it takes to market their work so they don’t sell. Others don’t market much but seem to sell easily. It all depends on the work, the market for that work and the promotional efforts of the sellers.

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Art stimulates conversation, dialogue and interchange even between total strangers who might never otherwise say a single word to each other. It gives people permission to share thoughts, feelings, ideas and impressions that they might not ordinarily share.  Art personalizes and humanizes the places where we live and work. Art revives lifeless interiors– homes as well as businesses– and transforms them into unique, beautiful and engaging environments.