Make a hog panel fence

Inexpensive and attractive as well as see through and unobtrusive, standard rancher material, wire hog fence panels make great inexpensive fencing for dog runs or to protect a garden from deer.

Hog fence panels can be purchase in a variety of heights from 34 inches to 50 inches and come in 16 ft lengths.  The heavy gauge wire can be cut with bolt cutters, just watch out for the sharp edges.

Panels can be braced with wooden stakes or fashioned together with zip ties for a quick job or picture frame paneled with cedar for a more permanent and elegant look.  Create a channel in the cedar frames for a more finished look or simply staple the panels to the cedar frames for a quicker job.

The following garden fence used the rolled kind of metal fencing:

Hog fence panel fence:


Tractor Supply Feedlot Panel 16 feet by 34 inches  –