Make Art Work Hard

Make Art Work Hard
Make Art Work Hard

Make Art – Work Hard

Being an artist is hard work.  The resulting efforts might sometimes look “effortless” because they are the result of years of practice but the journey behind the work is full of a lot of grueling work.

“Luck is just hard work coming back to you. All it is, is the combination of time, persistence, patience, and sacrifice making its way back.”  Shantell Martin

Artists take about “process”.  Process is the the work.  The work that brings about the end result that you, as the viewer see.  Behind any work is a long process of experimenting, crafting, trying, testing, and making.

Creativity looks easy, but that’s a carefully staged illusion—artists invest more effort than we often give them credit for. Forget absinthe-drinking and angsting on a velvet chaise; artists have always faced hard labor, mental strain, and more than a few occupational hazards.

It’s not easy coming up with intriguing ideas, searching one’s soul for the meaning of life, visiting hard times in ones past or simply trying to squeeze a new viewpoint or beauty out of the world.

Being an artist is not about lightning bolts of inspiration.  Being an artist is about being willing to listen closely and then doing your best to describe what you find.   More than anything, however, being an artist is about not giving up.  –

Putting in the effort to create great artwork, to develop a skill, to develop a style and to get your name out there is the essence of being an artist.  If you don’t have the passion to put in long hours into something that may never pay off, you probably aren’t made to be an artist.

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