Lisa Kaiser’s Tips for selling art

One of my fellow Fine Art America artists, Lisa Kaiser recently put together a list of tips for selling art online.  She was getting a bit annoyed by all of the art selling experts that seem to be popping up these days with expensive books and courses about selling art.

The bottom line is success is a lot of hard work and a lot of luck and every artist’s career will take a different path.  Its fun to listen to stories of how successful artist got to where they are, but no one can hope to follow the exact path another artist took.

Lisa Kaiser’s Tips for Selling Art

About Lisa:

“Lisa Kaiser Art is a lively gallery designed to provide artwork to compliment today’s personal spaces, work or corporate environments. With 23 years of splattering paint, brushing it in every which direction, sponging, murals and more in various mediums, I’m able to offer new works every week on a regular basis.”

In other words, Lisa works!  This really is the greatest tip for selling art.  Actually do the work.  Work your art and tell people about it.  Let people see you the artist and your process.  And with that, let me present Lisa’s tips:


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Part one: When shall I succeed?

1. Develop a habit working right now. Success is boring.

2. Write about what you’ve been doing with your artwork.

3. Notice who reads and likes what you do.

Part II: Who do you sell to?

4. Who wants your art? Develop a relationship with them and have them sell your work.

5. How do you get those relationships? Find out who loves your art and embrace their values.

Part III Where do I show my work?

6. Be on as many social sites as you can manage without gaining fifty lbs and destroying your back.

7. Blog, and advertise daily.

8. You tube yourself painting every Thursday.

9. Be confident, creative and fun.

Last Part: What to do?

10. Know what types of art sell like dogs, beautiful nudes, colorful cows, rock stars, football players, landscapes etc and paint things other people want on their wall.

11. Show your work locally and bring folks to your website by uploading images from your website.