Be ready for the next hurricane or natural disaster

Xantrex Portable Battery Backup System – Hurricane Relief

Hurricane season is here and not many people are really ready for the aftermath. Living with no power for days or weeks is no fun. The options are gas powered generators that need to be outside or electric batteries. Apartment and condo dwellers are even more limited as they can’t often used gas especially if they are in a high rise and there might not be gas available. Plus gas generators are extremely noisy. Electric battery provides a lot of great features.  The Xantrex back up power system provides plenty of power without fumes and gas.

“LOVE this thing! I charge cells, laptops, cameras, batteries, and anything else I can plug into it (within load capacity). When power is out, I have light, a box fan to run in summer to cool the house, I even used it to run my TV & SAT when the power went out during a playoff overtime hockey game (Its a Canadian thing). We charge ours with solar! There’s the part you missed. We always have power, as long as the sun rises. A solar panel or more for faster charge times, and a charge controller to not over load the battery, hooked to this beast, gives you power when needed. This item is totally underestimated and under used for people who probably own one.”

We have one of these for power outages.  Convientely located in the basement near the WIFI router, its ready to power up the WIFI so we don’t lose a connection to the Internet.  It is also ready to charge cell phones and the Chromebook which when linked to the WIFI is a low power usage entertainment system for streaming movies.  Certainly makes the power outages time go by quicker.

Light is easily handed by rechargeable highly efficient LED flashlights.  I bought a bulk pack of these and have them available through out the house.  The nightlight feature comes on if there is a power outage.  In additional candles can be used and the fireplace provides heat.  Other than that as long as there some some movies to watch, the outages aren’t that bad.

For longer power outages caused by major thunderstorms, ice storms, hurricane winds or even people driving into telephone poles, you even put the Xantrex in your car and power it up as you drive.  Once I loaned it to a friend for powering his breathing machine.  It is powerful enough to use with power tools outside or a refrigerator, but of course for limited time.  A small fridge would be run for four hours or so.  A laptop for 24 hours.  But if you expect a long outage, just use it for things like your cell phone and you can recharge all week.

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Power Outages are not just for Hurricanes

I’d say 90% of power outages around here are caused by a single tree falling on a wire.  Most are repaired in less than four hours, making this the perfect device to get through the night not missing that football game or the finally of Game of Thrones or messing up that dinner party.

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Match this with a 60 watt LED lamp and compared to total darkness, you have a rather bright environment.  When there is no power simple things like having one real light going makes a big difference.  Certainly better than stumbling around in the dark.

For storm related fine art photography, visit this link –

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