Introducing: Pop Art People

The true method of knowledge is experiment. – William Blake

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Pop Art People a new series of prints by artist Edward M. Fielding is a celebration of bold, colorful, graphic designs which resemble people with a strong tribal influences. The pieces are presented singly, in groups as well as in totem pole like formats.

Pop Art People
Pop Art People on the wall.

With experimentation comes surprise and discovery. – Kim Lee Kho

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“This series came about quiet unexpectedly. Most of my work is photo-based but after a long, long winter I found myself playing around with pure shapes, lines and colors. This particular series owes its creation to experimentation using a single number “0”. Every image in the series was born from the repetitive use of the number “0”. Which makes since because these digital works are basically all 1s and 0s. During the experimentation the number zero was repeated, multiplied, stretched, layered and otherwise manipulated in a free flowing exercise in the sandbox of Photoshop. At first patterns emerged but eventually I started to see faces inside the patterns and started to accentuate the faces. Some became old women with their hair up in bun, others became priests with collars and hats. Eventually I had a whole village of Pop Art People to populate a series of bold graphic, fun artworks.” – Edward M. Fielding

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Some great quotes on experimenting for artists:

Allow yourself to make mistakes and experiment, freeing yourself from the obligation to produce a saleable work every time. – Carolyn Henderson

As you can see, at my age – 48 – Art is still one big experiment. – E. J. Hughes

Every great inspiration is but an experiment – though every experiment we know is not a great inspiration. – Charles Ives


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