Inside my new digital studio

Here’s a look at my new digital workstation where I do post production work and create my digital masterpieces.

Formerly located in my son’s bedroom, I decided to carve out some space in the attic.  Its a work in progress as transition out of Fishboy t-shirt storage and focus more on my artwork.


Artist Studio
A look inside the artist studio

This space really is more of a digital workspace. The real “studio” is either outside in nature or created in various locations around the house. I do have some limited space to construct still life or product setups within this attic area. Large windows on either side let in some nice natural light depending on the time of day.

The best part of this set up is its location – out of way and out of the traffic flow of the rest of the house. The downside is carrying the dog down the spiral staircase after he climbs up and then gets stuck. But there is a little balcony off the back where he can bark down at the crows.

Photography Prints