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Ideal Diaper Service
Another fresh delivery from Ideal Diaper Service

Let’s face it. We all have to deal with a lot of crap every single day. Wouldn’t the ideal service be to push a button and a cool retro Metro delivery man pulls up to the curb and takes care of all the crap we don’t want to deal with?

That’s the idea behind the line of “Ideal Diaper Service” products including company t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags and posters.

Based on an old Metro Delivery Step Van that I painted and then Photoshopped with the Ideal Diaper Service logo, this funny retro design is perfect for a bit of humor around the office, perhaps a gift for the boss, or for new mothers and fathers who really have to deal with crap every day. The real, smelly kind! I remember those days. My Dad always bragged about how he never touched diapers (with four kids!) but I was a stay at home dad and cleaned up plenty of those nasty loads. How times change!

The Ideal Diaper Service line can be purchase directly from this blog using our handy dandy store application. Orders ship quickly and efficiently from our speedie delivery system and can be shipped around the world. You can save on shipping by ordering a few items at once including poster, t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags and throw pillows with the Ideal Diaper Service artwork.

Cool, retro, funny – The Ideal Diaper Service products will keep you smiling even when your day is going to crap.

All artwork on Dogford Studios has been designed by artist Edward M. Fielding. If you don’t see something you like here you can always checkout our larger store at